Mercedes-Benz EQS reveals its powertrain and battery secrets in detail


An easy charging method called “Plug & Play” is available in the US. Available to owners, according to Mercedes, it allows you to drive and plug in without being bothered by an application or other technology. 

The new Mercedes Benz sedan upgrade at Mercedes-EQS with Dr. Fabian Wuttke, took us on a virtual ride. He has published many facts and figures about electric sedans and we look forward to hearing from them. 

Mercedes claimed 478 miles in the WLTP test, the largest number we heard yesterday. It’s hard to say what this translates to the EPA test, but we can safely assume that this number is greater than 400 miles. This is thanks to the battery pack with 107.8 kilowatts of usable storage. This giant battery pack is larger than the two packs, but Mercedes has not yet revealed what the smaller pack capacity is. However, Mercedes has a faster charging and 400 volt configuration. 

 However, Mercedes has a faster charging and 400 volt configuration.

You can charge EQ at fast charging stations up to 200 kW. This is good for 186 miles after 15 minutes of charging. This equates to approximately 39% charge in 15 minutes. This high charge maintains the car’s battery temperature and charging management systems. There is an “ego charging” mode, which lowers the charge rate if you are worried about the wear and age of the battery. 

An easy charging method called “Plug & Play” is available in the US. Available to owners, according to Mercedes, it allows you to drive and plug in without being bothered by an application or other technology. It is still unclear, but Mercedes says the technology can be used at more than 90% of public charging points across the country. 

Mercedes also talks about pushing those batteries. Different versions of EQS with different power puts are available from the beginning. The base rear-wheel-drive EQS produces 329 horsepower from the rear axle motor. Available in an all-wheel drive version with 516 horsepower dual motor (rear one, front one), the rear motor is more powerful than the front. Mercedes joked about the “more powerful version” coming next. It looks like an AMG variant to us. The 0-62 mph speed of the 516-horsepower version is 4.3 seconds, and the single-motor EQS does it in 6.3 seconds. The maximum speed for both is limited to 130 mph. 

The maximum speed for both is limited to 130 mph.

According to Mercedes, this electric version of the 4matic all-wheel drive has a much faster response to its mechanical all-wheel drive systems. The motors are designed with a special foam pad for exceptional protection from NVH problems. These motors are very quiet, contribute to the S-class level noise and vibration and contribute to the whole host of extra work. The sound foam used throughout the body helps to calm the cabin. New technologies have been developed for window seals and door systems to reduce noise – the car receives a “sound comfort package” consisting of laminated glass panes. However, it also points out that a 0.20 coefficient of traction of a Mercedes car  reduces wind noise. It has attractive underbody and aero shaped spoilers and you have a choice between 19-, 20- and 21-inch wheels. Unique and new A-pillar trim strips and seamless door handles contribute to this number. 

A wheeler can be driven with EQS. Shift paddles on the steering wheel allow you to switch between three-level brake recoveries. The four wheel steering system is the most comfortable in the city. Like the new S-Class, Mercedes allows you to choose between rear wheels that can rotate 4.5 degrees or 10 degrees. At best, the turning circle can be reduced to just 35.8 feet. Interestingly, the four-wheel steering is said to be one of the products offered as a post-purchase upgrade, allowing you to upgrade to a 10 degree lock if you initially feel that 4.5 is not enough. 

A wheeler can be driven with EQS.

Another highlight of Mercedes is its “Navigation with Electric Intelligence” system. Like most of these, your route is planned at EQS available charging stations. It also takes into account direct traffic and can be set automatically to see how much it costs to transfer to a charging station. EQS can estimate how much a charging stop on the screen will cost you and will automatically monitor your performance and navigation system. 

The battery pack uses less cobalt and better battery chemistry than Mercedes’ previous generation battery technology and is capable of receiving air battery management system upgrades. Don’t get me wrong. EQS can be further embellished with genuine leather and other luxury items there are no vegetarian options to speak of here. 

Final verdict 

It also highlights some instances where Mercedes used standard, green materials to manufacture EQS. In total, EQs contain 176 pounds of recyclable or recyclable materials. These include recycled plastic for cable ducting, recycled yarn for floor coverings and expanded aluminium. Although this is the second deep dive we have made recently in EQS, it prevents the entire Mercedes car from being exposed. That virtual event is coming up on April 15th, so the wait is almost over. 

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