Muffler Delete Pros and Cons (and Average Cost)

Mufflers are the last component of a car’s exhaust system, reducing the amount of noise your engine makes. Muffler delete is generally performed due to two main reasons listed as follows:

Surges Horsepower of Older Car

If you own a twenty-year-old car, a muffler delete will increase its horsepower to a great extent. This is so because mufflers present in old vehicles are quite restrictive and increase the back pressure of the engine. Both things aren’t good for your engine. Muffler delete, when performed on old vehicles, offers numerous benefits to them.

Exhaust Sound Becomes Aggressive

Muffler delete works wonders for vehicles that are old. Also, if your vehicle has been producing aggressive sounds that can be minimized using a muffler. If you want your vehicle to produce a more aggressive sound, perform a muffler delete and enjoy your ride.

Disadvantages of Muffler Delete

 Muffler Delete

Enthusiasts have read about the advantages of muffler delete. Let’s dive deeper into the article and learn about its cons:

Exhaust Gets Louder

Vehicles that don’t have a muffler are loud. This creates a nuisance for those driving along with you. Some of you may not might the noise while accelerating, and the sound might annoy you while driving down the highway.

Degrades Engine Performance

In the case of old cars, muffler delete would increase the car’s horsepower, while the opposite happens in the case of new cars. New mufflers come with fewer restrictions, and manufacturers have installed mufflers to determine their performance. In certain cases, it degrades the engine’s performance and is accompanied by an illuminating check engine light. An illuminating check engine light indicates a serious issue and needs attention from the driver before it gets worse.

Check Vehicle for Emissions or Failure

If you’re residing in a state that allows you to pass a vehicle emission test, you won’t pass it due to muffler delete. Sometimes engine code flashed by your vehicle won’t give accurate emission test results, and the driver would fail the test so you need to put it back to pass the test.

How Much Does Muffler Delete Cost?

 Muffler Delete Cost

The muffler delete cost would fall anywhere between $50 and $250. The mechanic would complete the job within $100 and $200.However, you can save money by performing muffler delete by yourself and save money.

The Bottom Line

Muffler delete must be performed after keeping every aspect in mind. For more tips, get in touch with the experts at ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’

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