P0607 Code: Control Module Performance


Vehicles are equipped with technically sound equipment that enhances the features as well as the safety of the vehicles. But when error codes are generated on the dashboard of the vehicle, it indicates that there are some faults in the functioning components of the vehicle.
When your car is diagnosed with the P0607 error code, you may wonder about the meaning, causes, and troubleshooting of this error to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

Definition of the P0607 error code

The OBD-II generated trouble code P0607 is stated as Control Module Performance. It means that there are some faults in the PCM or the electric brain of the vehicle that can cause power failure.

Meaning of the P0607 error code


The power control module of the vehicle is responsible for the performance of certain functions that enhances the features of the car. The powertrain control module of the car is responsible for managing ignition and the fuel system and also manages some simple mathematical calculations. They play a vital role in the performance of the engine and other various functions of the vehicles. If some faults arise in the electric brain of the vehicle then it is unable to perform under the specifications of the manufacturer, then the P0607 error code is triggered.

Possible causes of the P0607 error code

There are many possible causes of Error Code P0607, some of them are

  • Faults in PCM that are caused by physical damage due to the presence of water that leads to corrosion
  • Faults in electronics in the PCM
  • Unguided PCM wire harness
  • Dead battery
  • Damages in battery cables
  • Faults in-vehicle alternator
  • Incorrect programming in PCM

Symptoms of P0607 error code

There are many symptoms of the P0607 error code, some of them are

  • The vehicle goes to Hard starting or no start condition
  • Vehicle face Stalling while driving
  • Vehicle faces Rough driving
  • Fuel consumption increases

The severity of the P0607 error code

The severity of the vehicle depends upon the vehicle model. This error can lead to problems in the transmission and the engine of the vehicle. This leads to various problems while driving, such as sometimes vehicle stalls while driving or engine goes to the no start condition.

How to diagnose the P0607 error code?

If your vehicle is triggered with a P0607 error code, as the first step you should take your car to the mechanic. They will scan this trouble code using the OBD-II scanner and record the freeze frame data that determines the issues about the error code.
They will then reset the error code and does the small test drive to check the code returns or not. If the code does not return, it indicates that the PCM is working properly.


If the code returns, they will inspect the electrical system of the PCM which includes a battery or the alternator to check the proper supply of the electrical power to the PCM.
If there are no issues with the battery or the alternator, then, they will detect the PCM. The PCM is detected to check whether it is working properly or have some damages such as corrosion, or burnt wires or improperly routed wires.
They will do all the necessary repairs and replacements and also update the software of the PCM.

How to fix the P0607 error code?

After the diagnosis of the problems that cause the P0607 error code. These steps are followed to fix the problems that are raised in the vehicle due to this particular error code.

  • Reset the trouble codes
  • Reprogram or update the software of the PCM
  • Replace battery cables
  • Repair or replace the alternator
  • Replace electronic system of PCM
  • Repair PCM wire harness
  • Replace the whole PCM

The severity of this error code depends upon the vehicle’s model and its error causes. So, it is advisable to take your vehicle to the mechanic and do the proper treatment.

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