P0894 Code: Transmission Component Slipping


Modern vehicles are equipped with techno sound tools that help the car mechanics to diagnose the actual reason for the problem that is responsible for the error code of the vehicle. Many factors enhance the functionality of the car, the automatic transmission system is one of them. If your vehicle is triggered with a P0894 error code, then you must visit a mechanic to get rid of this problem as quickly as possible.

Definition of P0894 error code

The P0894 error code is stated as Transmission component slipping. It indicates that there is some issue with the automatic transmission system of the vehicle.

Meaning of the P0894 error code

The DTC generated trouble code indicates the faults in the automatic transmission system of the vehicle. With all other functions so the PCM is also responsible for the manipulation of the gear ratios of the automatic transmission of the vehicle. The automatic transmission is responsible for the speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, and overall performance of the engine.


If the perceived ratios of the gear do not match with the dictating signal sent by the PCM, then PCM will detect a transmission slippage that will exceed the maximum allowance of the allowed parameters, then the P0894 code is triggered.

Possible causes of the P0894 error code

Various reasons can cause the check engine light to illuminates because of the P0894 error code, Few of them are:

  • Mechanical failures in the internal transmission system
  • Contaminated Transmission fluid
  • Blockages in The internal transmission fluid passages
  • shift solenoids are not working properly
  • Faults in the transmission control module (TCM)
  • Faults in PCM
  • Defects in input speed sensors
  • Shorted wiring of input speed sensors
  • Failed torque converter

Symptoms of the P0894 error code

There are various symptoms in vehicles that are triggered with P0894 error code, that are:-

  • Check engine light illuminates
  • Transmission slippage in certain degree
  • The car goes in limp-in mode
  • Issues in Transmission performance
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Delay in gear engagement
  • The foul or burnt smell from the transmission fluid
  • Overheating transmission system

The severity of the P0894 error code

This error code does not affect driving ability, but this error can cause damages to the automatic transmission system of the vehicle. Failed or damaged automatic transmission system of the vehicle can affect the performance of the vehicle. So, repair or replace it as soon as possible.

How to diagnose the P0894 error code?

When your vehicle is diagnosed with the P0894 error code, take your car to the mechanic, he will scan the error code using an OBD-II scanner and will examine freeze frame data to determine the faults. Then they will reset the code, take the vehicle for a short test drive to check error code returns or not.
If the error code returns, they will examine the transmission fluids. If the detected transmission fluid is low or contaminated, it will be emptied, cleaned, and refilled.
If the problem still arises, they will assess the internal transmission system of the vehicle. There they will check the wires if they are shorted, burnt, faulty connectors, and the damaged harnesses. The issue will be repaired or replaced.


If there is no issue with transmission fluid, then they will inspect for specific problems such as shift solenoids or control modules. If the issue is found there, it will be repaired.
When these components are repaired or replaced then the mechanic will reset the error code and start the car to check the issue has been solved or remains so.

How to fix the P0894 error code?

After detecting the root cause of the error code, follow these steps to fix the problems of the P0894 error code:-

  • Top off the transmission fluid
  • Replace or clean the contaminated transmission fluid
  • Replace or repair the broken wires, connectors, and harnesses in the internal transmission system
  • Repair or replace shift solenoid
  • Replace or repair TCM

The P0894 trouble code generated in the vehicle with the automatic transmission system, if your vehicle gets diagnosed with this error code, it is advisable to visit the garage quickly.

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