Spoiler Vs Wing: Which is Better for Your Car?


The car’s performance cannot be improved by incorporating a single method. Also, The parts you install will enhance the car’s performance, braking capabilities, and much more. Furthermore, improving its aerodynamics would significantly impact the performance. Several accessories are installed in the car to enhance its performance, but spoiler and wings remain the most common car upgrades of all.

Both spoilers and wings are considered similar by car enthusiasts but are different in their roles and functionality. This article highlights the difference between spoiler and wing. Also, measures to be taken while any of them stops working.

Spoiler Vs Wings

The difference between spoiler and wing can be noticed in the way they redirect the airflow. The wing is, also known as an automotive airfoil, releases the airflow upwards to generate negative lift. Therefore, the localized airflow is reduced to minimize the wings’ airspeed and lift. Wings and spoilers are two distinct car objects that are used interchangeably. The spoiler is directly connected to the boot, rear window or rear section of the roof.

How do Spoilers Work?

How do Spoilers Work?

1. Air released by the roof moves to the vehicle’s rear end. It isn’t restricted by anything, moving quickly and dissipating low pressure to lift the car’s gear at more incredible speeds.

2. Spoilers were initially introduced for sports or high-performance vehicles. In the present times, you can find them inside passenger cars.

3. Over time both spoilers and wings start giving issues that can be rectified by thorough inspection with spoiler or wing replacement.

How do Wings Work?

How do Wings Work?

A wing present at the back of the car allows air to move over and create a negative lift. The air coming from the roof is moved upwards to drive the vehicle’s rear downwards. This feature is installed in racing vehicles and keeps the car intact on the pavement.

Spoiler Vs Wing: Which is Better?

Both the accessories improve the car’s aerodynamics, and the wing turns out to be more effective than the spoiler in producing downforce at high speeds. When the vehicle moves at road-going speeds, its performance is generally enhanced with the help of a wing. This is why many production vehicles come with more spoilers than wings.

Categories of Car Spoilers

Here are the popular categories of car spoilers that you must know about also, do keep the car spoiler price in mind before getting the one that matches your requirements:

Front Spoilers

The front spoiler is, also known as the ‘Air Dam’, directs the airflow toward the vehicle’s radiator. It minimizes airflow under the chassis, reducing drag and fuel consumption. It has a lightweight metal or plastic placed at the front section.


Lighted spoilers offer extra lighting to improve the car’s visibility. It makes the car safe for driving than being just a performance feature.


A pedestal type of spoiler is connected to the car’s boot and produces downward force by impeding the aerodynamic drag, thereby improving the efficiency and fuel economy of the vehicle.


The roof spoiler is connected to the roofline and rear window. In some instances, third brake light has been attached to the car.

Lip Spoiler

The best thing about lip spoilers is that they can be installed at both the front and rear end of the car. As a result, the front section of the bumper starts looking longer while the rear ride looks lower. Rear spoilers are attached beneath the boot lip of the car to enhance its curb appeal.


As roof spoilers, truck spoilers come with brakes. This bumper is installed to give an aggressive look to the car.

Does Your Car Need a Spoiler or a Wing?

A wing or spoiler goes through an impact at high speed. The vehicle’s aerodynamics come into play only when the car moves at high-speed. Also, the downforce produced by these cars affects the racing cars more than the passenger vehicles. The speed of the passenger car reduces as they’re turned and installing spoilers in the vehicle gives it a sportier look.

How Much Does Spoiler Replacement Cost?

Cost is a significant factor that must be duly considered before investing in a spoiler. The spoiler cost depends on the car’s make, year, and model. The aftermarket spoiler replacement cost generally falls between $15-$115 and is affected by several factors: colour, finish, material, and brand.

The Bottom Line

Spoiler and wings are crucial car components that serve distinct purposes inside the car. A spoiler or wing replacement is generally recommended when anything happens to them and the costs must be compared before finalizing the buying decision.

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