Stop! Pay Attention to these Warning Signs – You Need New Brakes for your Car

Did you know that the brake failures cause almost 3,00,000 of car accidents every year in the USA? There are numerous rear-end collisions or plenty of car crashes that take place because of the car brakes failure. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to know when there is a demand for new brakes for your car.

New brakes for your car

Many vehicle owners do not prioritize the braking system, but it is one of the essential systems in a car. Therefore you must keep a check and never ignore the warning signs and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Let’s dive in and learn when is the time for new brakes for your car or its parts.

Brake Light

New brakes for your car

Brake indicator tells you by reflecting red light when there is something wrong. It could be the signal of a parking brake that is not released.
It could also be seen when there is no sufficient braking oil. This brake light is an indicator of your vehicle inspection that should not be ignored. It could be some serious concern regarding the whole braking system.

Either way, it should be taken into consideration ASAP.

Squealing, Squeaking Or Grinding Sounds

Car troubles can be generally noticed through the noise. So if you hear any grinding sound in your brake pedal while applying the brake signifies that there is some rock caught up in the caliper unit.
This sound could also be heard when the brakes have gone too much too long without service. Also, the grove can be created in the brakes if you keep driving while ignoring the noise that strikes like metal on metal. Does it happen that you hear a high-pitched sound or a metallic squeal when you apply brakes?
Well, if you hear such sounds, then probably your brake pads are worn out. The steel starts coming out of them, which makes this particular sound when they come in contact with the rotor.

New brakes for your car

This implies that now it is the time that brake pads need to be replaced without any further delays, or else it would further damage the rotor, which is far more expensive to fix

Leaking Fluid

You must go for a technician to look if you feel soft while applying the brake. It might be the signal of leaky brake fluid.
Check out for the whole braking system thoroughly. The leakages can be found in the master cylinder that is the creator of all the power for brakes. It contains a reservoir with brake fluid in it.

New brakes for your car

Every time you apply a brake pedal, the brake fluid comes out of the thin piping, creating hydraulic pressure. In case if the brake fluid leaks from the system, there won’t be enough power left that is required to force the brake pads to clamp hard to the system’s rotors. This could be extremely dangerous as it can cause inefficient braking, which can further lead to a car crash.

Wobbling, Scraping Or Shaking

Does your car shake or are there any vibrations in the steering wheel when you apply the brakes? Well, if it all happens, then you must get your uneven rotors fixed.
The brake rotors are placed inside the wheel in the form of big discs. When you push your brake pedal, the brake pads hug these brake rotors, which slows the vehicle down.
For the efficient performance of the rotors, they should be even in thickness and completely smooth. There have been thousands of wheel revolutions with only slightest variations in the rotor’s surfaces.

New brakes for your car

Often the rust also builds-up.
During service time, full measures take place to smooth and even out of the rotor so that there are no flaws. Besides, the manufacturer specifications of the vehicle are also taken into consideration. Even the slightest differences in the sheets of paper can cause wobbling effects. Applying the brakes roughly could also cause a sticky piston or damage the brake parts.

Softer Brakes Or Car Misalignment

If your vehicle pulls you on one side as you apply brakes, that means your brake hose has gone wrong, or there is a brake caliper problem wherein one caliper is applying more pressure that results in unbalanced stopping.
There could be a difference in the resistance of braking pedals; that is, they might be softer. It happens due to air or moisture in the braking system. It is also an indication of an issue with the master cylinder. Get your car serviced immediately in such cases.

A Burning Smell Or Bouncing

If there is any burning sensation, you need to immediately pull your car on the side of the road and allow brakes to cool down and stay safe.
There might be chances of boiling brake fluid, which makes it unsafe to drive. Therefore if you notice any smoke, stop your car as it may cause brake failure.

New brakes for your car

Also, sometimes in case of sharp braking, the vehicle bounces. It mostly indicates the replacement of the shock absorbers.


It is very crucial to take care of some of the automotive parts, especially the brakes. You can easily find the best quality parts for your vehicle at The Auto Parts Shop.
You must be aware as to when there is a need to get the new brakes for your car. Though the braking system maintenance is expensive, you can still save a lot if you address the issues on time. On top of everything, driving with faulty brakes is dangerous. You must get a regular maintenance schedule for your safety.

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