Subaru Forester gets a more chiselled design


It just points out that, if needed, the newer Forester can provide a comfortable driving experience and sporty handling in quiet driving conditions 

The fifth-generation Subaru Forester, released in 2018 in its home country of Japan, received a round of visual updates and other improvements. These changes are likely to appear on the US-spec Subaru Interim Revision, but normally, the Forester is moving upward. According to the company, these changes make Forester’s design look more like an SUV, and the readings between the lines indicate that a variant of the Stronger Wilderness Badge will be launched soon.  

The new appearance of the alloy wheels is also in the updated version, there may be more in the future, but the photos of the rear have not yet been released. As the designer gave Forester a more powerful design, the engineer improved the suspension system. All trim levels benefit from these tweaks, but Subaru hasn’t put it together yet. 

Subaru Forester

It just points out that, if needed, the newer Forester can provide a comfortable driving experience and sporty handling in quiet driving conditions. It’s worth noting that the new-looking Forester also received Subaru’s next-generation Eyesight electronic driver assistance kit. The camera angle is wider than before, so you can see more of the road ahead, and the software that analyses the data sent by the camera and other sensors is more powerful.  

newer Forester

Other Subaru models will benefit from this technology. Subaru will begin shipping the updated Forester in Japan in the coming months. It has not announced plans to sell nip and tucked crosses in the United States, but we would be surprised if the model does not reach our shores soon. We have contacted the company for more details, and if we learn more, we will update this story. 

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