Tesla Model S Plaid: It’s ‘kick-ass,’ Musk says at live event


When Tesla launched the high-end Model S with stylish design and long range in 2012, it redefines electric vehicles 

Tesla released a high-performance version of the Model S on Thursday, aiming to reignite people’s interest in this nearly ten-year-old car through this “spectacular” new version, and aims to resist Porsche, Mei Competitors such as Syders-Benz. When Tesla launched the high-end Model S with stylish design and long range in 2012, it redefines electric vehicles. CEO Elon Musk said that the new version is designed for future cars to drive alone. 

 “This car is squashed,” Musk said at an evening delivery event held at Tesla’s U.S. plant in Fremont, California, not far from the original Model S launch nine years ago. Musk appeared at 11:45 in the evening. Dongfang, first accelerated through the Tesla test track in the car, and then reversed and stopped during the demonstration phase. He opened with a joke about Plaid: “Basically, our product plan was stolen from ‘Spaceballs’.”  

Tesla Model S Plaid

But not to mention a joke, he said that cars are an important step towards a sustainable transportation future. “It’s like, man, it’s just that sustainable energy cars can be the fastest cars, they can be the safest cars, and they will be the most amazing cars in every way.” “With Plaid, we have successfully broken Up to a 2-second hurdle,” Musk said. Although he himself claimed that the 0 to 60 seconds of the Tesla Roadster is lower, at 1.91 seconds, while the new Rimac Nevera is said to be 1.85 seconds. But he pointed out that Model S Plaid has five seats and four doors, which he calls the “limited physical engineering” paradox. He recites the saying: 400-mile range, or in the dual-engine version, 412, or “about 420”, this joke will never go out of style. 

 This acceleration “really hits you in the limbic system.” He once asked, “How can I make a spaceship into a car?” has a top speed of 200 miles per hour. The drag coefficient is 0.208, which is said to be the “real 0.208” measured when the car is driving and the wheels are turning, not in a wind tunnel. Musk insisted that with the help of new heat pumps and radiators that are twice as large, performance data is repeatable. “You can actually race continuously from 0 to 60, get on the track, just drag your ass,” Musk said.  

“This car can be repeated over and over again without panting,” referring to a previous complaint filed with Tesla. He speculated that maybe they would bring Plaid back to the Nurburgring, “see what happens.” He said the new heat pump can provide 30% of the cruising range in cold weather, while reducing the energy used by 50% cabin.  

“In cold weather, you will see very little degradation.” Musk showed a new engine design with a carbon fiber sleeve rotor. “This is a very difficult thing, because carbon and copper have very different rates of thermal expansion,” so Tesla had to invent a machine to build motors. He said this is important because the motor can “spin at speeds of 20,000 rpm or more,” generating such a large centrifugal force that a sleeve is required to hold the rotor together. “Our desire for this car still needs to be proven by the United States government; we believe we can minimize the likelihood of injury from any car.” He said, “Faster than any sports car, Porsche, faster than Volvo. Sure. In the same car” He praised the controversial yoke-style steering wheel for clearly seeing the dash, where “you can basically see the soul of the car.”  

yoke-style steering wheel

And because the IP takes up more Small space, engineers moved the front seats forward to make more legroom in the rear. The physical joystick disappeared, limiting the need for manual input: “I think, in general, all the input is wrong,” Musk said. He praised the car for knowing when you approach, for knowing what you want to do, until you want to move forward or backward. Its geographic treasure makes it know more about what you want, no matter where the car is going.  

The 17-inch touchscreen has been rotated to a landscape orientation, allowing you to provide movies and games with a service equivalent to a “home theater experience.” He said that the game has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second and is equipped with the most advanced games. It is also equipped with dual-induction chargers in two rows of seats and a 36-watt USB-C power supply for mobile phones, tablets or laptops. There is also a new sound system improved by OTA and new soundproof glass, allowing you to ride quietly at any speed. “If we consider that cars in the future will often drive automatically in fully automated driving mode,” Musk said, “then entertainment will become more and more important. So you will want to watch movies, play games, and use the Internet. He said that he expects to produce 1,000 plaids per week next quarter. Although Tesla delivered only 2,020 Model S/X in the first quarter, which was higher than the 18,920 in the previous quarter, it was hindered by production delays.  


Musk said in April that the production of its new Model S and X will “depend on issues in the global supply chain.” Musk has been promoting Model S Plaid on Twitter, which is priced at US$129,990, while the remote Model S is priced at US$79,990. The latest price of Model S Plaid is $10,000 higher than the price shown at Tesla a few days ago. s website. The launch of Model S Plaid, which was previously shown on the Internet, faced delays and some controversy due to the aircraft-style yoke steering wheel.  

Ed Kim, vice president of consulting firm AutoPacific, said: “The Model S Plaid will definitely help reduce the current migration of Tesla owners from Tesla.” “I think what we’re seeing now is that Tesla can no longer operate in a vacuum. Kim said the Model S Plaid is a small volume halo model designed to showcase automakers and make a splash in cars. Tesla You needs to successfully launch new models like Cybertruck and Semi trucks to expand your customer base. 

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