GMC Hummer EV fan’s Lego build is functional and even has Crab Mode


It has all-wheel steering and can simulate the famous Crab mode setting of Hummer. 

Lego has created some great car models, but the Lego fan community sometimes does better. This fully functional GMC Hummer EV Lego Technic model discovered by Road & Track and created by YouTube user Alain B provides us with evidence. Although it is currently unique, it has the potential to become a toolkit. It is also an impressively sturdy body, which is sometimes difficult to achieve with Technic parts.  

GMC Hummer EV Lego

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. It also has an electric motor and is remotely controlled. It has all-wheel steering and can simulate the famous Crab mode setting of Hummer. The fully independent suspension can be raised to obtain greater ground clearance. Most importantly, you even have a fully functional MultiPro tailgate and front luggage. The design also appeared on the LEGO creative page. This is the website where Lego builders can submit their works, and if they get enough votes, the company will treat them as real production kits.  

You can visit the page in this link to provide support. The page also revealed some other interesting details, including the fact that it was made of approximately 2,200 pieces. Although enough votes will cause Lego to consider the design, there are other factors that determine whether it will be produced. Some of these include obtaining a license from General Motors and other undisclosed reasoning. But Lego has completed many large, technical and expensive kits, and has obtained licenses from other companies. So this seems to be a good thing for the company. 

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