The Top 4 Symptoms of Bad Glow Plugs


The glow plug acts as a heat generator to heat the engine cylinder and burn fuel. Without it, your diesel engine will not start. 

To successfully start a diesel engine, it requires a special heating element called a diesel glow plug. Without the heat generated from this plug, the diesel engine will start and not work properly. 

If you regularly drive a diesel-powered vehicle in cold weather, your engine will rely on a diesel glow plug. Otherwise, cold temperatures will not be able to start the vehicle. 

In addition, the cylinder block and cylinder head absorb most of this heat. This gives off heat to the engine as a diesel glow plug is placed inside the internal combustion chamber. 

What are Glow Plugs? 

The glow plug acts as a heat generator to heat the engine cylinder and burn fuel. Without it, your diesel engine will not start. 

In addition to heating and firing diesel engines, polished inserts will keep your engine running smoothly. In most vehicles, a glow plug is installed inside the combustion chamber, where the diesel engine can efficiently absorb heat. 

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In ideal environments, the defective plug will struggle to produce enough heat to heat the cylinder and burn the fuel. In fast weather, the defective glow plug will not work. 

How the glow plug works? 

Diesel glow inclusions heat the engine cylinder before burning fuel. This makes it easier to burn the fuel in the cylinder. 

Glow plugs should not be confused with spark plugs because they are two different things. Spark plugs in a conventional gasoline engine because an electric spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture. Glowing inclusions heat the cylinder so that the fuel burns on its own. 

Symptoms of a Failing Glow Plugs

The glow plug contains an electrode that produces heat when it is activated. It illuminates the plug, hence the name. This is similar to how a light bulb glows when heated. This illuminating effect heats the cylinder and allows the diesel fuel to burn successfully. 

Top 4 Bad Design Glow Plug Marks 

You know that a diesel engine needs a glow plug to work properly. Therefore, if the diesel glow plug fails for some reason, the features will be easier to detect. Of course, this varies due to the overall car performance. 

Here are four common signs of a bad diesel glow plug. 

1) Difficulty starting the engine 

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Bad diesel glow inclusions make it difficult to start your car engine. Since the pressure in the cylinder is the main reason for burning diesel fuel after injection into compressed air, a poor diesel polished plug puts a lot of pressure on the engine to make this combustion successful. That’s why it’s hard to start your vehicle. 

2) Engine failure 

When the fuel in the cylinder does not burn properly, it is an automatic malfunction. You know that the diesel glow plug plays an important role in successfully changing this ignition. 

If the plug does not work properly, it may be faulty during ignition. You can still drive your vehicle, but you will degrade from its normal performance. 

3) Black smoke 

If you see black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, it may be a sign that you have a bad diesel glow plug. Sure, there can be many causes for this black smoke, but an improperly polished plug will definitely interfere with diesel combustion. 

Bad Glow Plug Symptoms Every Driver Must Know

Black smoke is not a normal part of this combustion process. So, take this smoke as a warning sign that something has gone wrong with the diesel polish plug or any other important part of the combustion process. 

4) Engine light is on 

Usually when the diesel glow plug fails, the problem that appears on the dashboard is that the engine light works. You should use a diagnostic scan tool to diagnose the problem. 

Glow plug re-cost installation cost 

Typical replacement costs for diesel glow inserts range from 95 to 10,210. An individual glow plug costs $ 15 to $ 50 and labor costs $ 80 to $ 160. 

Keep in mind that each cylinder has its own glow plug, so if you have a full-size truck with a V8 engine, you may want to consider replacing eight glow plugs even if only one plug looks bad. Even if the polish is plugged in or fails too much, the labor cost will not be high. 

This is similar when replacing spark plugs. Of course you can only change bad things, but there is a good chance that everything else will fail soon. 

The exact price depends on the product and model of your diesel vehicle; you will take it to a dealership or auto repair shop. 

Final verdict 

In general, this component is not very expensive, but compared to petrol engines, even the best spark plug is more than a cheap polished plug. If you can find a reasonably priced mechanic at a low hourly rate, this will reduce your costs. 

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