Top 9 Car Detailing Tips


Car isn’t just one time but a lifetime investment, so it must be treated accordingly. Taking your car for detailing is similar to going for a haircut to the barber. The best part is it saves your car from long-term damages and expensive repairs. Also, it’s important to note that the right approach can enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle. Experts dealing with car detailing accessories stores have shared top tips for you as follows:

Inspect What Needs to be Done

Certain car areas need more attention from you than others. Therefore, it’s vital to check the interior and exterior of the vehicle thoroughly before beginning the car detailing process. The interior might be clean; all you need to do is perform a quick cleaning followed by the vacuuming. You would come across minor scratches and holograms on your vehicle that can be fixed via polishing.

Start with the Interior

The best way is to start with the detailing process from the vehicle’s interior, as it won’t leave you exhausted. Take your mats out and eradicate the dust and mess that has been there for a while. There is no need to apply harsh cleaners if it isn’t required. The wiping tasks must be carried out by spraying the cleaners on the microfibre towel. Once you’ve wiped everything, try vacuuming or apply shampoo to your rugs. Leather treatments must be your last resort during the process.

Getting Rid of Air Duct Odor

If you suspect an odor dissipated by the AC or heater present in the car, changing the cabinet filters is the first thing you should do. It’s time to spray some Lysol in the ducts of your car and turn the heater on. Let the Lysol move into every nook and corner of the car, then turn the heater on. If your car has started giving a fresh smell, Lysol has done a wonderful job.

Enhancing Aesthetics of Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

Before getting into car washing tasks, the primary task of making the wheel and tires look spick and span must be performed. The wheels and tires are more susceptible to dirt and other contaminants while driving. While dealing with the wheels, avoid using harsh cleaners that will degrade the finish of your wheels. Once you’ve scrubbed the tires, allow them to soak, followed by the rinsing work. As far as the wheels are concerned, the market is flooded with several car detailing products that will eradicate iron and safely remove dust deposits. Use a soft brush while cleaning the wheels and rinse them off.

Invest in a Clean Paint

Clean Paint

Once you take the paint in your hands, ensure that it’s smooth; if it feels rough, clean the entire car using a clay bar which also helps to eradicate stubborn spots. Clay bars help you get rid of the paint particles, which is impossible with regular soaps. Once the paint has become nice and smooth, it’s time to wash it.

Car Washing After the Paint Becomes Smooth & Clean

Avoid using dish soaps at all costs as they remove the grease out of your plates and forks. In addition, it would eliminate paint and dry rubber pieces present on the car. If you’re planning to get rid of the wax on your car, it would be best to use dish soaps in that case.


This is the vital car detailing step. If you’ve access to compressed air, try to make the most out of it. Sometimes rubbing something on the paint, you’re leaving small scratches on your paint. Instead, keep a soft microfiber towel on the paint and let it absorb it. Try performing the step on one area and move towards another. Once you’ve covered an area, check the signs of moisture on your car.

Wax or Sealant?

Wax or Sealant?

Wax or sealing both must be performed once or twice a year. Spring & autumn is the right time to get into wax or sealant tasks because they’re neither too hot nor cold. Wax is made of natural Carnauba leaves that allow the water to pass through them.

Protecting the Tires and the Exterior Trims

If you dream that the tires and trims of your car must stay black, ensure that they’re dry. A spray or product that you apply must be thoroughly absorbed by the car. If the product you bought isn’t making contact with the clean surface, it will spot your car.

Why Consider Car Detailing Price?

One thing that must be considered while investing in car detailing products is the car detailing price. Since there are a lot of online stores out there that lure you into buying these costly products, these products don’t guarantee the desired results, so reputed online car parts and accessories stores like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bring authentic and affordable detailing products to you.

The Bottom Line

The right approach to car detailing will make the vehicle look spick and span. Remember to always invest in top-quality detailing products that match your budget.

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