Everything You Must Know About Car Batteries


You might underestimate the crucial role played by your car batteries. This component gives you the best of both worlds giving the kickstart energy to the engine and second supplying electricity to the components to help them run smoothly. Batteries present in the traditional vehicles used to supply an enormous amount of current for a small-time but with the rapid advancements, the function performed by the car battery is way more than what it was earlier. Let’s dive deeper into the article that unveils everything regarding car batteries.

Category of Car Batteries

Car batteries are distinguished on the basis of lead-acid technology in which there is a chemical reaction between lead plates, sulphuric acid, and distilled water thereby leading to the formation of electric power. Let’s have a look at these car batteries and how each one is different from the other:

Flood Cell Battery

This is the basic and common type of car battery. These need minimum maintenance(distilled water is added when required) or don’t need any maintenance at all.

Calcium Battery

Calcium is added to the internal plates of the car making them powerful and boosting their longevity. It also minimizes Hydrogen formation during the chemical reaction.

Gel Battery

Instead of liquid acid present in the battery is safely inserted within the gel. This battery is completely leakproof and is free from temperature alterations and shocks.

Absorbent Glass MAT Battery

The latest lead technology has been added to the absorbent glass MAT battery. Glass MAT present between plates soaks up the entire acid and offers high-cyclic stability to the vehicle. With this, you can recharge or discharge the battery without affecting its performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Some cars have Lithium-Ion batteries in them. They have less weight, longer lifespan and comprising of deep cycle capabilities. You can discharge and recharge them without experiencing any issues.

Depending on the type get the car battery from Autoparts that aligns perfectly with your vehicle.

What to Do If the Car Doesn’t Start?

The battery is generally blamed if the vehicle doesn’t start. This is possible due to the starter motor or the car’s alternator so get it checked before arriving at any conclusion. If there is a battery issue a battery replacement would resolve the issues in no time. Installation of the wrong car battery could prevent the vehicle from working flawlessly. You can refer to two places one is the user manual and the second one is the online car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing top-quality batteries at reasonable rates.

How Much Does Car Battery Cost?

The car battery price generally falls between $50-$120 which would go up to $90-$200.The automobile industry is flooded with more than 40 types of car batteries and factor including the type of battery generally affects its price. The mechanic charges are levied separately and fall between $10-$100 for installing the car battery.

Car Battery Cost

If car batteries cost is burning a hole in your pocket compare prices levied by online car parts shops and choose the one that matches your budget. You can only pay labour charges to the mechanic or perform the replacement process on your own.

The Bottom Line

Car batteries supply power to the components to help them run smoothly. Compare the prices levied by the car and associate with the store that fits your budget.

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