Ways to Prevent Rust on Your Car


Rust has become a cause of concern for many cars. This issue damages the panel and puts the car’s strength and rigidity of the frame at stake. Proper care to the exterior and taking steps while the issue pops up all of a sudden can fix it in no time. Even if it has appeared, getting the rust remover from the reputed online car parts and accessories store would eradicate it from your car. Let’s dive deeper into the article that covers some ways that you can adopt to prevent your car rust coating from coming out:

Thorough Inspection on Wheel Wells & Bumpers

  • Rusting commonly takes place on the wheel wells. It is difficult to watch them with a naked eye, so people hardly attempt to inspect them. Manufacturers recommend you to rotate the tires for 6000 miles and take them out to move to another wheel well. Take the flashlight and inspect the car for rust. Don’t forget to check the bumpers on the car every time you rotate the tires.
  1. You may sometimes suspect dirt or rust on your car; take a hose to wipe them off and inspect the car again.
  2. Have a look at the bumpers for rust.

Rust Present at Places Where Body Components Align

Rust is generally present at places where the body components meet each other. It is basically caused due to rubbing that leads to rust formation. Areas including door frames and places where the hood meets fenders apart from this area around the trunk must be thoroughly inspected.

Look Underneath Your Car

Look Underneath Your Car

The area below the car is mostly affected by corrosion. If you reside in areas filled with snow, it might accumulate in the areas beneath your car, leading to corrosion. Look under your car, especially when you change the oil or rust prevails as you rotate your tires.

  • Have a look below your car while changing the oil.
  • The car rust job of cleaning beneath the car by placing it on Jack stands.

Prevent Water Accumulation in or on the Car

Your vehicle is capable of dealing with things like water. Things including paint, clear coats and plastic trims safeguard your car from rust. If you notice any area of your car holding water, try to take it out. If the water accumulates, ensure that there are drains for the water exit. Ensure that you refer to the service manual and take out whatever is preventing the water exit.

Wash the Car to Prevent Rust Entry

Dirt isn’t solely responsible for rust formation, including dirt and sediments getting in the car. Sometimes bird poop and gasoline added to the vehicle become the car’s enemy.

  1. Washing your car after every two weeks is highly recommended to you.
  2. Bird droppings and gasoline enter through the paint, forming the car rust coating, so washing the car is highly recommended.

Keeping the Undercarriage of the Vehicle Clean

If you reside in an area covered with snow, salt, and chemical deposits, it’s impossible to safeguard the car against rust. Keep the underside clean and tidy by washing to prevent the accumulation of these materials underneath the car.

  • In the case of automatic cars, under cleaning car cleaning is highly recommended by the experts.
  • Jack your car up & continue spraying underneath the hose.

Apply Baking Soda to Neutralize the Road Salt

If you’re planning to get rid of the road salt, apply a small amount of baking soda while cleaning the car’s bottom area and wheel wells. Baking soda is responsible for minimizing the acidic effect of road salt.

  • Ensure that baking soda is combined with the washing soap.
  • Just add one tablespoon of the baking soda and have a rust-free vehicle.

Rinse the Car Thoroughly

Rinse the Car Thoroughly

Leaving the dried soap off the car would minimize the longevity of the paint. Every time you wash the car, get rid of the soap from your car. Avoid washing the car in direct sunlight to prevent paint from degradation.

  • Divide your washing task into sections and clean it thoroughly before switching to the next one.
  • Dry soap would degrade the paint appearance of the car so avoid it at all costs.
  • Consulting a mechanic performing a car rust job properly is the best way to eliminate it.

Perform the Waxing Tasks Twice a Year

Wax not only gives a healthy shine to your car but also saves it from fading and damage. Wax application carried out twice a year would offer an additional layer of protection and minimize the chances of rust formation.

  1. As the wax comes out, it builds another layer of protection on the vehicle.
  2. Wax protects the vehicle from fading when direct sunlight starts hitting it.

The Bottom Line

Rust hampers the aesthetics of the vehicle, so preventive measures must be taken regarding rust formation. Getting a car rust remover from a trusted online car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ would be the best course of action.

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