How Do Car Exhausts Work?


Car exhausts are like another piece of metal attached to the vehicle. It is responsible for eradicating the gases out of the engine to the atmosphere. The working of this component is far beyond what we think and has been covered in this guide. The guide depicts information about car exhausts parts and systems.

Purpose of Car Exhausts

Car exhausts serve a very prominent role in the vehicle. It extracts emissions from the front of the car and releases them into the atmosphere via a series of pipes and boxes. The size and position of the exhaust system are affected by various parameters, including the make and model. These parameters are generally considered while someone is planning a replacement as there are issues with the exiting exhaust.

Exhaust Parts

An exhaust system is a combination of several parts that work together to eradicate gases from the car:

  • Exhaust Manifold: The primary car exhaust component that takes the gases from the engine to the exhaust system using cylinder heads. It is generally made of steel, aluminum, or cast iron materials.
  • Catalytic Converter: This component is also known as CAT and eradicates harmful gases from the car to convert them into carbon dioxide and water vapors.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Oxygen Sensor is another critical component of the exhaust known as Lambda Sensor. It depicts how much oxygen is present inside the exhaust and what needs to be added for optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Exhaust Pipe: Exhaust pipe extracts the gas from the engine and releases it into the atmosphere.

Working of the Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Once you turn the ignition on, the exhaust system starts working. As you burn the fuel, the vehicle gets power, and the gases are transported way further from the cylinder head through the exhaust manifold. In this way, gases are separated from the engine and move to the front pipe of the exhaust system. These gases move through the silencer that quietly exits them and helps you drive smoothly on the road. The process ends as the gases move out of the tailpipe present at the car’s rear end.

Common Exhaust Issues and Ways to Resolve Them



One of the most commonly encountered issues is corrosion. The metal present in the exhaust system degrades over time and results from rain and other components coming in direct contact with your car. Once your exhaust system starts showing signs of corrosion, it’s time to determine the car exhaust price from the trusted store near you and buy a new one.

Hissing Sounds Coming from the Exhaust Manifold

Hissing sound reveals there’s a crack in the exhaust manifold, and the component exists at the starting of the exhaust system. It is impossible to determine the reasons for the issue at home, and a mechanic inspection accompanied by exhaust system replacement would resolve the issues in no time.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you’ve noticed a reduction in a car’s fuel efficiency all of a sudden, this means that the oxygen sensor has started deteriorating. As a result, it is impossible to reveal exactly how much fuel it needs and would make you spend more money than the monthly fuel budget.

An oxygen sensor replacement would fix these issues in no time. Replacement must be performed only when the mechanic has highlighted a serious issue. Diagnostic tools can help you determine whether the replacement was successful or not.

How much Does Exhaust System Replacement Cost?

The exhaust system replacement generally depends on the car’s make, year, and model. In the case of branded car models, these costs generally lie between $300-$400, while in the case of models higher than them, the costs escalate up to $600.If these things are burning a hole in your pocket, get the part from a reputed online car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ bringing premium quality parts to you.

The Bottom Line

An exhaust manifold isn’t just a single entity but a group of components working together to help the gases move out of the car. Once you have understood the problematic areas fix the problematic part. Carry an Exhaust system replacement must be carried out in case of a problematic part.

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