7 Top Driving Mistakes To Avoid


You must be driving the car for a long time and unintentionally picked up some bad habits that you aren’t aware of. These habits might become a safety concern for you in the future and would halt its working completely. We have compiled a list of these driving mistakes and what to implement instead:

Warming Up the Car’s Engine

The moment the key is placed within the car, the ignition is turned on; try not to set it off instantly. Wait at least for 10-15 seconds so that it warms up a bit and let the oil reach the components, giving it the chance to warm down. Of course, the warming activity depends on the vehicle’s age and outside weather.

Checking the Tires

Checking the Tires

All you expect is a smooth ride while driving a car. One of the best ways to prevent your journey from becoming bumpy is by keeping a constant check on the tire pressure. An over or under-inflated tires could have a detrimental impact on the stability and performance of the car. You can check the car for recommended tire pressure; if you’re unable to do so, refer to the car manual.
If you’ve noticed that the tires have worn out completely, take it to the mechanic to get a complete tire replacement.

Be Easy on Your Brakes

Sometimes you press the car brakes so hard that it puts unnecessary pressure on them. If you want to stop at the last minute, it would be best to use the handbrakes. Don’t forget to be conscious of what’s there on the road and apply brakes only when you reach near traffic lights. If you’re driving manually, keep the speeds slow and check your reactions. Not doing so would lead to brake pad problems that are generally fixed via brake pad replacement.

Place Your Hands on the Wheel

Place Your Hands on the Wheel

In our driving lessons, we might have heard that tell you to keep your hands in 10o’2 position while driving. This helps you gain better control of the steering and gives you the chance to react spontaneously in case of an emergency. Keep your cell phone aside and don’t use it while driving, which will keep everyone safe in the future.

Keep a Check on Your Warning Lights

Your dashboard comprises numerous symbols that give you an idea of your car essentials. Integral components, including the braking system, engine, and cooling system, can be retrieved from them. Some warning light signals need an immediate reaction from your end, and others can be ignored. Get the complete information regarding the checkerboard warning lights. Ensure that the car has adequate coolant & car parts are well lubricated, and the windscreen wipers, headlights, and brake are working optimally. If there’s an issue with any of these parts, get in touch with an online car parts & accessories store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and replace the problematic part with a new one.

Top-Up Your Car with Good Quality Oil

Your car would run smoothly when it’s filled with appropriate levels of oil. Some engines and cars require thicker oil so avoid settling for the cheap oil options. Putting the wrong amount of oil inside the car would worsen its condition. Avoid purchasing costly oil from the garage and fill it with top-quality oil from a reputed online store.

Riding the Clutch

Those driving manually often make the mistake of riding their car’s clutch. Place the foot on the pedal while changing the gear or dropping it while you’re climbing the hill can reduce the longevity of your clutch. The clutch may undergo wear and tear, which would be resolved via clutch replacement. One of the best ways to boost its lifespan is to keep moving your foot once you’ve moved it upwards and downwards. Take it to neutral and turn on the handbrake to boost its shelf life. Move to the gear once you’re ready to drive the car again.

The Bottom Line

Avoid these top-driving mistakes at all costs and keep everyone along with the car safe. If any part has worn out completely, compare the cost estimate and buy the one that matches your requirements. Associate with a well-established car parts and accessories store online and get an exhilarating driving experience.

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