Toyota Tundra Reliability and Common Issues


You are probably looking at a used Toyota Tundra to buy. You adore the way it appears and drives. You’re smart to take into account shopping for a used pickup, too. However, earlier than you are taking the plunge, permit’s evaluate which years for the Tundra that had the maximum proceedings. In reality, there is one model year mainly, that CarComplaints.Com considers the worst for Toyota Tundra. 

Toyota Tundra

Delivered in may additionally 1999 as a 2000 model, early prototypes had been initially called T150s. But, following a lawsuit by using Ford, which claimed the call, was too just like its F-one hundred fifty, the final manufacturing version became the Tundra. 

It fast has become famous, mainly because of Toyota’s renowned dependability, exceptional off-street capabilities, and surprisingly proper protection scores for a pickup. Due to these characteristics, there are nonetheless lots of them available today, and the Tundra stays one of the maximum famous picks for those seeking out a price range-pleasant truck. 

Despite the fact that the principle purpose for that is reliability, the ageing first-generation Tundra isn’t a trouble-unfastened vehicle so allows check the five maximum commonplace troubles you could encounter. 

Failing Ball Joints 

One of the most common issues as a result of prolonged wear and tear is failing ball joints. The ball tends to end up loose and subsequently pops out of its socket, or the bolt of the joint itself may also break. 

Signs of those problems encompass unfastened steering, specifically whilst cornering or navigating via difficult terrain, and a clunking sound coming from the front cease. 

Failing Ball Joints

To test the state of the ball joints, you need to raise the truck and investigate them thoroughly. Clutch every the front wheel and provide it a great shake, and in case you be aware movement, it means you have to replace these components. 

Loose or caught Emergency Brake 

Another not unusual problem with each the primary-gen Tundra’s and Tacoma’s happens due to the fact the pivots that connect to the brake cables tend to rust and get stuck, or cables end up unfastened. 

Loose or caught Emergency Brake

If you pull on the emergency brake lever and the truck begins rolling away, it approaches that the cables need to be adjusted or replaced. On the other hand, if you release it and attempt to pressure off, however the automobile seems to be held returned and simply doesn’t circulate, the pivots have to be wiped clean or changed. 

Cracked Exhaust Manifolds or damaged Mounting Bolts 

There are major troubles to pay attention to here. The first is associated with the mounting hardware, specifically the bolts, which generally tend to rust and break through the years. The second has to do with the manifolds themselves, as they’re probable to increase cracks. 

The maximum commonplace symptom with both issues is a ticking noise that can be heard after a chilly start, typically for the primary 30 seconds or so. That occurs due to the fact the pressure from the exhaust will get pressured thru the crack or the separation as a result of the failing bolts. 

In case you’re buying used Tundra or personal one already and come across the ticking noise noted earlier, make certain to check this difficulty whilst the engine is bloodless. When changing any of those components, don’t forget about also to switch out the gaskets. 

Secondary Air Pump Failure 

Those components help heat up the catalytic converter quicker when starting the engine, lowering emissions and enhancing fuel consumption on cold begins. 

catalytic converter

Particularly, at the 4.7-liter V8, these pumps are prone to fail. One signal of this difficulty is a loud buzzing noise coming from the engine bay. Also, this will be followed through a take a look at engine light at the car’s dashboard and a small boom in gasoline consumption. 

In case you’re searching out a used truck and you discover this hassle, keep away from shopping for it on account that changing this issue is usually very expensive. 

Radiator Leaks on automatic Transmission models 

The worst problem that you may stumble upon is common at the vans fitted with an automated transmission. Here, cooling hoses run from the gearbox to the main radiator’s top tank. Internal, you’ll discover a devoted cooling circuit that regulates the temperature of the transmission oil. 

In a few cases, a failing radiator will reason coolant to penetrate this circuit and become blending with the oil inflicting the gearbox to fail. The maximum not unusual signal of that are equipment slip and pink foam at the transmission oil dipstick. 

Radiator Leaks on automatic Transmission models

If the issue is detected in time, a radiator swap, together with an entire cooling machine and transmission oil replacement, can resolve it without the need for full-size upkeep. However, if the truck is pushed for an extended duration with coolant blending with oil, full-size damage can arise, and an entire gearbox rebuild or alternative is required. 

Sum up 

Finally, when you have determined to shop for a used Toyota Tundra, make sure to perform a pre-purchase inspection irrespective of how well it seems to run. 

Moreover, in case you very own one, constantly take a look at and replace the fluids following the manufacturer-precise duration. Also, have it checked regularly, in order that if some of these troubles arise, you may have them fixed before they grow to be negative different components. 


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