What Is This White Stuff Under My Oil Cap?

A regular oil change expects you to take out the oil cap. A quick inspection ensures that everything is working correctly. If you suspect milky stuff beneath your car’s oil filter, don’t take the situation lightly and take your car for a mechanic inspection as soon as possible. This guide helps determine the underlying reasons that cause white stuff to leak from the oil cap.

Why is there a Milky White Sludge Under the Oil Cap?

Milky White Sludge

The creamy-white substance comes out of the cap as the water or moisture starts mixing with the motor oil. Water or moisture seeping within the engine needs to be inspected closely, and solutions must be applied accordingly. A blown head gasket is the underlying cause of the issue.

Spot condensation by looking at the exhaust that would create water vapor as a by-product.

Most people would think that a blown head gasket has caused the leak, but in reality, it is the normal condensation. As the engine becomes warm, the moisture goes away, and evaporation should occur while the engine is operating at optimum temperature. Not driving the car for extended periods would increase the temperature, and burning the water off becomes impossible. There is just white gunk that stays behind the cap.

Poor Cleaning Practices

Have you been taking advantage of high-pressure washers to clean your car? For example, you can use the pressure washer to clean the engine bay and would notice a milky substance beneath your car. The high pressure would push water within the engine when it isn’t needed. Water mixed with oil accumulates within the oil filter cap and would get within areas like an air filter, the engine oil dipstick, the power steering cap, and other locations. 

Blown Head Gasket

Blown Head Gasket

If no other thing leads to the formation of a white substance, you must check the blown head gasket. The head gasket plays a pivotal role and keeps the cylinder behind the airtight seal to achieve maximum performance. If the head gasket blows out, the coolant starts leaking within the engine combustion chamber and starts infiltrating oil passages within the engine. This leads to white built-up formation under the filters and can be fixed via head gasket replacement.

How to Eliminate White Stuff Under the Oil Cap?

Drive More

If you aren’t noticing any mechanical issues, the excessive moisture isn’t burning off. These issues arise in case you don’t take long trips in your car. Driving for 5 to 10 minutes won’t help the engine reach optimal range. Evaporation leads to moisture built-up within the engine. It hampers the motor’s working, and white stuff starts leaking from the oil filter. Fixing it is simple and fun; take your car for a long walk and enjoy the scenic beauty. The engine warms up as you go up by 60 mph while it is at 15 mph while coming down.

Clean the Engine Thoroughly

While washing the car, ensure that water doesn’t seep within the motor. Have a look at the oil cap seal before commencing the process. Once the cap is damaged or worn out, it won’t keep the moisture away, and oil filter cap replacement would fix the issues. Once you have determined that the seal is in good shape, spray down the engine bay using a low-pressure stream of water. You can take advantage of the pressure washer but don’t forget to turn it down the notch. Don’t spray directly on the engine seals, especially the valve covers. The engine can be cleaned using a special cleaner and by scrubbing it using a brush. The dirt and grime can be eliminated by spraying water on it, thereby preventing it from excess pressure that isn’t needed.

Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

Once the head gasket fails, you won’t be left with many options. Some would tell you to use head gasket sealers, while others won’t allow using them. Ensure that you do your homework before getting into head gasket replacement.

How Much Does Head Gasket Cost?

The cost of a head gasket falls anywhere between $100-$300 depending on the car you own. This isn’t costly, but the labor could break the bank. The type of vehicle and where you’re taking it will cost $750 to $2,000.However, you can save money by purchasing your head gasket from a reputed car parts and accessories store The Auto Parts Shop’ and paying labor charges to the mechanic, and saving money.

The Bottom Line

If you notice white stuff under the oil cap, don’t take it lightly and consult a qualified technician to prevent these issues from happening in the future.

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