Which oil filter does a Ford F150 take?


The popularity of the Ford F series is surging by leaps and bounds. It has been recognized as the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 38 years. It isn’t just another truck but is a complete hybrid truck that uses gasoline, electricity, or a combination of two to function.

Let’s explore the exclusive features of the Ford F150 due to which it has become the most preferred choice:

  1. The system works on a Turbocharged Ecoboost 3.5 Litres V6 engine and a 3.5Killowatt electric motor incorporated with a ten-speed automated transmission. The lithium battery delivers 1.5 kW per hour and uses kinetic energy to operate that is lost during acceleration in case the truck is left unplugged.
  2. The truck keeps you safe by driving as it includes emergency braking and high beam headlights that illuminate automatically.

Oil Filter Issues Becoming a Serious Concern


Serious issues taking place in the newly purchased Ford F150 became the leading cause of frustration among drivers. The models between 2018-2020 consist of multiple issues; the most problematic one is excessive oil consumption. It is possibly due to problematic oil filters and needs attention from the owners after covering 200 miles. If left unattended, the oil filter issues could give rise to serious issues, and it’s time to start adding the best oil filter in Ford F150.

How Long Does Ford F150 Oil Filters Last?

The Ford F150 filter lasts for about 3000 miles or three months. A lot of oil filters are meant to last for 7500 miles. The moment you take your car for an oil change, plan the oil filter replacement simultaneously. You can purchase oil filters by entering the make, year, and model number from a trusted car store online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ which brings durable and top-quality filters to your doorstep.

Which Brand to Invest in While Purchasing Oil Filter for Ford F 150?

According to experts, only genuine oil filters must be installed in the Ford F150 model. These filters are designed after keeping the engine of your vehicle and are accessed using factory tools.

Motorcraft Oil Filter is exclusively designed and manufactured by the well-established Ford Motor company. The oil prevents contaminants, metals, and carbon from entering the vehicle. You can buy the best oil filter for Ford F150 from a trusted store online at an affordable price near you.

What to Consider Before Buying F150 Oil Filter?


It is vital to consider three aspects while selecting the best oil filter for your Ford F150: the surface area, the manufacturing consistency, and the contaminants it can eradicate. Invest in the oil that is exclusively designed based on your engine and buy it from a well-established online store near you to prevent replacements every now and then.

Is It Possible to Change the Oil Filters on Our Own?


Yes, it is possible to change the oil filters on our own. You need to follow the steps mentioned as follows:

  1. Take out the oil drain plug and place the oil collector container under it.
  2. Remove the oil drain cap to make the oil flow quickly and easily.
  3. Take the older oil filter out and keep it as it is for some time till all the oil comes out of it. Reinsert the oil drain plug and place the new F150 inside the car.
  4. New oil must be added using a new funnel, and the amount of oil to be added is mentioned in the vehicle’s manual. Engine oil capacity and oil type is distinct in every car model.
  5. After adding the new engine oil, keep the car started for 5 minutes and inspect leaks, if any.
  6. Use a dipstick to determine the engine oil level and add more oil if required.

Tips After The Oil Is Changed

  • Stop forcing the car engine.
  • Keep the engine idle so that anointing takes place.
  • After 1-2 days, check the oil level via a dipstick. The oil levels must lie between the minimum and maximum dipstick area.

Wrapping Up

Get rid of the problematic oil filter in Ford F150 by replacing it with a new one. Unfortunately, delays would give rise to bigger issues, so they must be resolved the moment you encounter them.

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