How Much does it Cost to Replace Shifter Bushings?


Do you ever wonder why the gear changes don’t make you feel sloppy? Shifter bushings are a significant car component that minimizes the sloppy feeling, enhancing the driver’s experience on the 2nd or 3rd shift. It works by eradicating horizontal movement by several inches.

Changes Taking Place Due to  Shifter Bushings

The shifter bushings ensure that you get a direct shift feeling while entering the gates and make the ride less rubbery. Short shifts make the shifts smooth, and the smooth ride is generated by the center spring.

Important Points

  1. Shifter bushings aren’t checked during regular maintenance procedures.
  2. Bushings often wear out over time with regular or overuse.
  3. Shifting the transmission becomes a hassle as the bushings start deteriorating over time.

Common Shifter Bushings Issues


Like other car parts, shift bushings also start giving issues while driving. If you suspect the following symptoms, the bushings have gone bad, and it’s time to know the bushing replacement cost before buying a new one:

Grinding Noises

Behind the grinding sounds of the transmission lies the problematic shifter bushings. It is the linkage problems that led to clashing wear, needs proper adjustments, and more issues. If you notice that downshifting in gears, maybe the synchronizer’s condition has deteriorated, or the shaft end is experiencing excess pressure. At times the weird noises take place due to dragging the clutch. The dragging clutch shows the signs of a bad flywheel during this situation; releasing the clutch becomes impossible.

Weird Sounds Like Thumping, Bumping, Whining, or Squealing

The shaft linkage starts producing weird noises due to the scarcity of oil in it. Insufficient oil makes the internal assembly or gears produce whirring sounds. Also, at times the lubricant gets contaminated with metal particles.

Possible reasons behind thumping sounds are a loose transmission mount, damaged engine, worn drive CV joint, or issues with the differential case. 

Leaks in Transmission Oil


Bolts coming out or damaged components are the leading causes that result in manual transmission leaks. In case of leaks, it is important to have a look at the transmission case or oil level. If you see a leak even after adding new oil to the car, it is possibly due to excessive oil. Refer to the manual that mentions the action to be taken while resolving the issue.

Vehicle Not Getting Into Gear

If the transmission cannot get into the gear, inspect the shift linkage as it may need a few adjustments. It is possibly due to the clutch that prevents the transmission from getting into the gear.

If you come across any of the problems mentioned above, it’s time to consult the mechanic. Also, in case the condition of the shifter bushings has deteriorated, it’s time to determine the price of shifter bushings and pay the labor charges to the mechanic.

How Much Does the Shifter Bushings Cost?

Dealing with shifter bushing issues can be quite frustrating and can be resolved when identified early. The shifter bushing replacement cost depends on the complexity of the problem and the severity of the damage. The average transmission cost lies between $300 to $3000.Determine the exact reason, and consultation with the transmission expert would resolve the issue. You can save money by purchasing the bushings from reputable stores such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and paying the mechanic’s labor expenses or fixing the issues on your own if you know how to do it.

The Bottom Line

Fix the shifter bushing issues before they become an obstacle in the smooth working of the car. Also, get accurate estimates of the shifter bushings cost before deciding between replacing the vehicle.

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