Can you buy the lens cover for headlights?


Do you ever get pissed off as your headlights have hit a post or a wall while driving? All of us have experienced a situation the moment we bump the headlights into something, and they come out. We can do nothing about unexpected accidents, but the lens covers would surely keep the car headlights intact.If you ask the question ‘Can you buy a headlight lens cover?’ The answer is yes as headlight lens covers act as a safety net on the headlights and help them stay the way they are.

The headlight covers are not a thing of the present times as they were introduced in the 1990s. However, few among us knew about it and have realized its significance now. Lens covers are available in two forms: plastic and film one. Headlights lens covers bring the following benefits to the table listed as follows:


Did you know that a headlight lens cover protects your vehicle from stones, sticks, and other sharp objects? However, the contaminants and external objects keep on hitting the lens of the car, and the lens cover adds an extra layer of protection to it. In case the film cover comes out it is time to purchase a new one. It offers better protection from haze lines compared to plastic ones, and the installation process is very simple.


Headlight covers help you save a lot of money. Changing the entire headlight is a costly affair which isn’t the case with the covers. These are easily available, and one can buy a headlight lens cover on sale.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining headlight covers is an effortless task. You just need do is wipe them using a damp microfiber cloth to keep them in spick and span condition. The application of harsh chemicals and detergents could deteriorate their condition. If you don’t drive or drive within the city, install the film covers and clean them using a dry cloth.

How Much Does Headlight Lens Cover Cost?

Cost is a crucial component that must be kept in mind before buying a car. The cost of headlight covers depends on the make, year, and model of the car. You can install it by yourself or with the assistance of a professional mechanic. In addition, you can replace the headlight on your own. All you need is the right skills and the appropriate covers. However, if you don’t incorporate the right technique, you will damage the housing of your headlights. The cost of replacing headlight assembly lies between $250 to $700, while the cover replacement cost is between $75 to $200.

Only one thing can help you save money from headlight lens cover replacement: buying the covers from online stores. Compare prices levied by various websites and select the one that matches your budget. You can go through online tutorials to learn the replacement process and perform it on your own.

How to Shop for The Best Headlight Cover?


Finding the best headlight cover has become easier than ever with the tips mentioned below:

Search for Online Retailers

Did you know that 76% of individuals prefer purchasing headlight covers from online retailers? Associate with a trusted store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that is inexpensive and gives you the chance to choose among the list of options.

Compare Headlight Covers

Don’t just buy the covers just because they seem appealing to you. Get complete information such as the specifications and prices, then choose the one that meets your requirements. Select the car make, year, and model, and the right headlight covers will appear on the web.

When It’s Time for a Headlight Cover Replacement?

Broken or Cracked Covers


You can plan a headlight lens cover replacement in case the old ones break or cracks appear on them. Try removing the old ones before placing the new ones. Try to eradicate them safely using a screwdriver. Perform the process cautiously as you would scratch the entire headlight lens.

Snap-On New Covers

Once the new ones have been shipped, it’s time to get rid of the old covers. Begin the process with a light headlight, then the left one.

The Bottom Line

Get top-quality headlight covers to protect the headlights from damages and drive without worrying about them. Prefer buying the headlight covers on sale from a reputed store near you.

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