Air Within the Oil Filter (Causes & Fix)


Car issues will happen and is a commonly observed driving obstacle. The primary one is related to the engine oil that comes out of the car’s air filter, and most of us don’t know what to do about it. It could indicate that there’s something wrong with your car, and the following approaches can help you fix the issues taking place due to oil in the air filter of the car:

Common Causes of Engine Blow-By

As the engine moves, there is a natural pressure built up in the crankcase due to air. Fuel and oil move out of the piston rings, also known as blow-by. Blow-by is a normal situation as the piston rings don’t seal completely against the walls of the cylinder. Excessive blow-by can be a serious concern and needs your attention. Excessive blow-by minimizes fuel economy and horsepower of the car. Performing a combustion cycle that pushes air in the crankcase and air intake is futile. The process of blow-by burning is distinct from gasoline. It becomes difficult for the sensors to measure what’s interfering with the air-fuel ratio and minimize your vehicle’s octane rating.

How Often to Replace the Engine Air Filter?

Once the air filter has covered anywhere between 12,000-15,000 miles, it must go through an air filter replacement. Have a look at the owner’s manual that gives information about the maintenance schedule. If you’ve been taking your vehicle in dirty and dusty areas, air filter replacement must be performed quite often.

What Causes Accumulation of Oil in the Air Filter of the Car?

Clogging in Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve

Clogging in Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve

Old cars released emissions into the air. The positive crankcase valve was built to send the emissions back to the car instead of releasing them into the environment. Unfortunately, this valve must occasionally be replaced, thereby making the emissions exit difficult. This leads to PCV clogging, and it starts coming out of the different exit areas of the engine. This results in more oil entry inside the valve than actually required.

Worn Out Piston Rings

Worn Out Piston Rings

Piston rings act as a seal between the cylinder wall and piston to maximize air’s force to fuel the mixture within the combustion chamber. The stronger the force, the more power it gets. Poor maintenance, high-mileage make it difficult for the engine to move to its operating temperature. As the car becomes old, pistons wear out, giving a sharp decrease in horsepower and increased blow-by.

Increased blow by means that more oil will get within the air-filter housing. A compression test can help you determine the condition of the pistons. Vehicles must have a manufacturer-recommended cylinder range if the condition of the piston rings has gotten worse, then piston ring replacement would resolve the issues.

Aftermarket Air Filter

Aftermarket air filters from reputed car parts and accessories store online ‘The Autoparts Shop’ are of superior quality and are sold at affordable rates. Apply oil to the external areas of the filter. In case you notice oil on the interior, it is because the previous owner applied it. Go through the manufacturer’s recommendations before cleaning and using the filter.

Clogging Took Place at the Oil Channels

Clogging Took Place at the Oil Channels

Quality engine oil lasts for extended periods but not forever. Neglecting or forgetting the oil change intervals would make it thick and nasty. Engine sludge would clog the oil channels and enters the areas where it shouldn’t go. It minimizes the car’s fuel power and fuel economy if it remains unattended for long periods.

How Much Does Air Filter Replacement Cost?

The air filter cost generally falls between $40-$85, and the labor costs are between $20-$35.If you have sound technical knowledge, save money by purchasing the air filter from Autoparts, bringing authentic and affordable parts to you. We have a wide variety of air filters including the branded and purchased from other companies with us. Enter the make, year, and model on our site and get the suitable part for your car.

The Bottom Line

If you still don’t know why the oil has accumulated in the air filter, add a catch can or an air separator to the car. This device would collect the gases released from the crankcase, keeping the filter clean, operating smoothly, and stretching its lifespan by several years. The best part is these are quite inexpensive and keeps your car running for a long-time.

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