Common Causes Of Outside Tire Wear


Car tires are significant components that help to maintain traction while driving. Torque transfer to any surface has been possible due to them as they prevent vehicles from sliding or skidding. However, just like other components, tires wear out over time, and quality tire replacement would resolve the issues in no time.

One of the common forms of wear that you’ll notice is at the outer edge of the vehicle’s tread. Exterior tire wear can be bothersome and leads to costly repairs in future. No one wants to get a new pair of tires unless there is an emergency. Below are the underlying reasons for outside tire wear, and the following steps can fix the issue:

Causes of Outside Tire Wear

Causes of Outside Tire Wear

Outside tire wear takes place for numerous reasons and needs the driver’s attention. Therefore, it is vital to understand the root causes of outside tire wear to resolve the issue accordingly. Let’s explore the common reasons for outside tire wear as follows:

Under-Inflation Wear

Under-Inflation Wear

An under-inflated tire would show accelerated wear at the outer edges of the tread within a short time. Sometimes the outer shoulder of the tire tread is going through additional stress in an under-inflated state. At times you’ll notice the signs of acceleration with under-inflated tires, and it’s vital to inflate the tires as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Misaligned Positive Front Camber

The inward and outward tilt of the tires can be determined with camber measurement. Excess camber of any type leads to tire wear and tear. This situation is generally observed when inner, or outer edge wear takes place. The positive front camber is held responsible for outer-edge wear. The best course of action is to fix the alignment issues that help you get back on track. Try rotating the tires to suspect unknown wear that has taken place over time.

Poor Toe Adjustment

The inward or outward angle of the car tires on its horizontal axis can be determined from its toe measurements. Poorly adjusted toe leads to several issues that generally take place across the edge of the tire. A qualified technician would fix the alignment issues that have taken place. Keep rotating the tires to prevent them from wearing. In case the condition gets worse, determine the tire replacement cost and surprise your vehicle with a new pair of tires.

Degraded Suspension Component

Degraded Suspension Component

Worn-out suspension components are one of the prominent reasons for tire wear. Suspension-related wear has been seen as cupping or scalloping the tires’ tread pattern. This looks like treads are coming off in a set pattern from the tires. Situations like these affect the tires completely, and the affected outer edge gets noticed most of the time. Either replace the worn-out areas or install the new suspension components such as shock and struts.

Damaged Components

Sometimes it is the steering or suspension components that lead to tire wear. This issue generally takes place due to collision despite its severity. Steering or suspension components undergo damage by adding excessive weight on the trailer, regular-off road driving, or poor installation of front-end parts. Therefore, it is vital to perform steering & suspension replacement to make the wear return to normal. Sometimes fixing the front-end alignment would resolve the issues in no time.

Is It Safe to Drive with Outer Edge Tire Wear?

If one or more tires have been showing outer edge wear, then driving activities must be performed based on the intensity of the issue. If you’ve been noticing the wear for a while, then it’s time to salvage a tire to another wheel-end location. Also, ensure that the root cause of the issue is resolved. If the tire structure has been experiencing abnormal wear, it should be eliminated. Avoid using the tire if secondary rubber or belting material has started appearing.

Regular blow-out makes the tire wreck or blow out. This generally happens when the cord or belting material becomes visible. Driving in such situations can be dangerous, and one might experience injury in a wreck. Get the car regularly inspected, saving us from dangerous situations later on.

How Much Does Tire Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Tire Replacement Cost?

Car tires are available in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Standard economy cars and Sedans can easily be replaced and cost between $50 and $75.If you own an SUV, the cost will escalate from $100-$300 or maybe higher. However, you can save money by getting top-quality parts from the reputed car parts and accessories online-store The Autoparts Shop’ bringing genuine and reasonable parts to you.

The Bottom Line

Discontinued driving would be the best course of action than driving with tire wear. Tire replacement would be the best course of action when such situations arise and must be performed instead of putting the lives of the loved ones at risk.

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