3 Ways to Fix a Flat Tire


Nothing hampers your peace of mind more than flat tire situations that occur unexpectedly. This puts everything on a halt and needs to wait till the situation is resolved. However, if you have a spare tire and know the flat tire fix, you can come out of the situation in no time. Want to know how to continue reading the article that highlights three simple steps to fix a flat tire:

Step 1:Look for the Leak

Try to pressurize the tire properly to identify the Leak. Try inflating the tire until it reaches proper pressure. Inflation must be performed according to the pressure specified in the user manual.

Step 2:Perform a Visual Inspection

Before applying intensive techniques to your tires, perform a visual inspection. If you suspect any holes, cuts, or objects surrounding you’ve spotted the Leak, it’s time to get a flat tire replacement to resolve the issues.

Step 3:Check the Car for Hissing Sound

Hear the sounds to spot the issue within a couple of minutes. Hissing sounds mean that the air is leaking, and finding the Leak would be easier than before.

Step 4:Feel the Tire for Air

You can overcome your inability to hear or see a leak by feeling the tire to spot the leak better.

Step 5:Soap & Water Combination

If the methods you’ve tried failed, then don’t fret. Spraying a bit of soap and water or applying a window cleaner would resolve the issues in no time. If you suspect bubbles on the tire’s surface, you’ve spotted your Leak, and it’s time to get to the flat tire fix.

Step 6:Cover the Tire Using Soap & Water Solution

Take a soap and water solution & have a spray bottle. Put the solution in it & apply it to the tires. If you don’t have the bottle apply the spray as it is.

Step 7:Watch the Bubbles

At times soapy water leaves bubbles on it. If you suspect soapy water bubbling at a particular place, you’ve spotted your leakage in the tires.

How to Fix the Tire Leaks?

Tire leaks can be fixed in two ways one is using sealant and the second one is using a flat tire repair kit or tire plug kit. These are carried following the steps mentioned below:

Resolving the Flat Tire Issues Using Tire Puncture Sealants

Carrying a car tire fix by applying the sealants isn’t complicated. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1:Read the Instructions Mentioned on Sealant Thoroughly

Manufacturers have listed the amount of sealant that must be applied to the tire. Below is the list of things to be considered:

  • Ensure that the tire pressure monitoring system has been installed in new tires.
  • These systems must be extra cautious as sealant entry can damage them.

Step 2:Take the Object Out that has Punctured the Tire

If a certain object has got inside the tires, take a screwdriver and take it out.

Step 3:Keep Turning the Wheel Until the Valve Get to the Top

Try to unscrew the valve cap, and the procedure for sealant and inflation is similar.

Step 4:Attach The Nozzle Of The Product To The Valve Stem

Once you’ve inserted it securely, press the button to allow its contents to exit.

Step 5:Drive your Car

Try driving the car, and don’t forget to rotate the tires. Allow the sealants to get to every nook and corner of the tires and prevent lump formation within the tires.

Step 6:Tire Replacement

Tire sealants help you overcome major hassles. The worst part is these last only for three days or 100 miles. Perform the tire replacement before the tire issues become intense.

Step 3:Take Advantage of the Tire Plug Kit

#1: Lose the Lug Nuts using Lug or Impact Wrench

Try to lose the lug nuts or break them before jacking up the car. With this, the vehicle’s weight stays on the wheels and saves you from spinning perilously while the rugs are turned.

#2:Jack Up the Car

Once the nuts have been eradicated, try jacking up the Car. Keep certain things in mind while jacking up the Car:

1. Jacking points are present in the service manual.

2. You can uplift the Car using a floor jack or trolley jack. If you are not sure of the process, check out a couple of youtube videos.

3. Ensure that the Car is stable while it’s on jack stands.

4. Taking the help of hydraulic life would save a lot of time.

#3:Take Out Unwanted Things & Clean the Hole

If any unwanted thing is present in the tires, use a screwdriver and take it out. Take the Rasp tool through the hole & the adjacent area becomes rough, and the hole would stay intact.

#4:Force the Plug Entry Using Insertion Tool

Allow the entry of ½ a plug through the tire. In case your kit comes with adhesives like rubber or cement, use them before performing the insertion process. These adhesives would promote a better seal inside the Car.

#5:Take the Excess Plug Material Out of the Surface

Before performing this step try to dry the adhesives present on the surface.

#6:Inflate the Tires

Ensure that the tire is filled up to recommended pressure as mentioned in the car manual.

#7:Add Some Soap Mixture on the Plug

This is just to check the holding of the seal. If the seal isn’t holding properly, add some cement or form another hole in the tire.

#8:Put the wheel Back to Its place & Jack Down the Car

Insert the wheel back into the Car and insert the nuts and bolts again. Don’t forget to insert the nuts and bolts by taking the jackstands down.

#9:Go for Tire Replacement

Sealant replacement is a temporary way to resolve the issues. Getting a tire replacement would be the best course of action.

How to Save Money on Tire Replacement?

The mechanic would levy huge charges while carrying out the replacement so purchase the tire from a trusted store that sells car parts and accessories online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘.Follow the steps shared below and fix the tires on your own.

The Bottom Line

Car tire fix isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Follow the steps mentioned above and help your car run flawlessly.

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