How to Make the Tools Look Spick & Span?


Keeping the tools clean and well-maintained isn’t just about keeping them grease-free. It also boosts the longevity of the tools by several years. All you need is water, detergent, & a degreaser before carrying out the job properly. The use of sockets, rachets, and brake parts cleaner would make your tools look spick and span. Leaving the tools in the garage environment would lead to corrosion. This article highlights ways step by step cleaning process:

How to Clean Automotive Tools?

Cleaning the automotive tools isn’t a complex process, and the step by step process can make them look new:

Cleaning the Large & Rusty Tools

Cleaning large and rusty tools is a complex task in itself. Below are some of the approaches that you can adopt while cleaning them:

Find Out a Workspace

Keep the tools in a warm and dry place which could be outside your workshop.

Disassemble & Document

Disassemble so that the corroded parts come out. If you’re performing this the first time, ensure that the entire process is carried out diligently to add the parts again. Also, ensure that the bolts are soaked in penetrating oil before disassembly.


The parts must be cleaned using compressed air like a motor that doesn’t get corroded but leads to dust accumulation.

Get Rid of the Rust

Smaller parts can be cleaned with the help of commercial rust remover. The large parts are cleaned via media blasting or are wire wheeled to eliminate dust and old paint. Alternatively, a cup brush with a variable speed drill will help you accomplish your desired goals.

Be Accurate

Carry out the cleaning of the flat metal surface. A table saw deck with a drill press, and oil lubricant would be ideal. Spray, work, and get rid of the rusty deposits to get a smooth and rust-free surface.

Reassembling & Testing of Tools

Try to assemble the parts to use them again. Carry out work with the help of a machine and tune it more when necessary.

If the tools aren’t working as expected, it’s time to get a new car tool kit and use it when required.

Cleaning the Corroded & Rusty Hand Tools

Like other tools, hand tools undergo degradation over time. There are two sections, one the steel one and another is wooden. Steel parts are susceptible to corrosion, while the wooden ones undergo rot or fall all of a sudden. Eliminate the rust and make the tool appear brand new by performing the following steps:

Soak the Tool or Use a Rust Remover

Keeping the tool in the dust remover for 4 hours would dissolve the rust, eliminating the rust without any hassle. Take advantage of the commercial rust remover. If you are doing this using remover, refer to the instructions stated by the manufacturer.

Cleaning the Stuck Tool

If you plan to clean the seize tool, take advantage of the ziplock style bag and place the tool in it. Add a penetrating oil like WD40 or a PB Blaster in it. Check the tools working ability by moving it back and forth. Try to add more lubricant when needed and check after a few days as the tool would work smoothly.

Get Rid of the Rust & Buff

Use steel wool to eliminate rust & buff present on the tool. The buffing is carried out using steel wool, making the surface smooth and shining.

Rinsing and Drying

Rinse the tool in clean water to get rid of the commercial rust remover. Ensure that the tool is dry after the remover has been wiped off.

Make it Smooth

You would notice pitting on the tools after it’s dried completely. Take a disc sander or 100 grit sander to make it smooth set it from 150 to 220.

Lubricating the Joints

Joints present on the tools need proper lubrication using WD40 or 3-in-1 oil. Let them soak and start using them to get the oil within them. Do all the prime and paint before the final lubrication.

Insert a New Handle(If Possible)

If the old handle has been eliminated, insert a new handle in its place.

Prevent Rust in Future

The most important step is rust prevention. A WD40 would keep your tools properly lubricated and keep in intact for several months. Spray the tool and get rid of the one in excess. This layer would lead to moisture retention and leads to corrosion further.

The Bottom Line

Perform the following steps to eliminate rust from the tools and make the tools look clean and shining. If you’re thinking of upgrading your toolbox, get car tools and parts online from ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’

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