Symptoms of Bad ABS Module


Every vehicle has an anti-locking brake system and handles the brake fluid pressure to prevent locking up or stopping at slick surfaces. The ABS module is a significant part of the ABS system. Unfortunately, this ABS control module starts working poorly over time and is accompanied by various symptoms. These symptoms must be addressed right away to prevent issues from getting worse and have been listed as follows:

What is an ABS Module?

The ABS module of the car generally handles the entire ABS system.

Where Can You Find the ABS Control Module?

An ABS control unit lies on the hydraulic control unit and is placed in the engine compartment. The ABS module location differs from car to car as in certain cases, they’re mounted separately or at distinct areas.

How does an ABS System Work?

Till 2004 all the vehicles used to operate on ABS technology. The ABS system is safeguarding the wheels from lockup and skidding also makes the steering control better. The stopping distance between you and the front car gets minimized in most cases. A typical ABS module comprises of the following things:

1. Each wheel has a wheel speed sensor

2. Hydraulic control unit with pump motor and solenoid valves.

3. ABS control module(Also known as Electronic brake control module or brake control module)

The ABS module checks the wheel speed sensor and the deacceleration rate of every wheel. This system prevents the wheel from slipping up and helps regain traction also prevents it from locking up.

Role of ABS Module in Other ABS System

The ABS system handles the vehicle traction and stability control systems very well. In addition, the brake operation is carried out to limit the wheel spin and align it according to the direction of travel.

What Are Some Of The Bad Abs Module Symptoms?

Check Engine Light On

You would notice an illuminating check engine light during a bad ABS module. The stability control, traction control, and other warning lights also turn on whenever there is an issue.

Issues in the Working of Other Systems

A problematic ABS module disables the entire ABS system. As a result, it prevents the entire ABS system from working properly and hampers the performance of other systems.

What Causes ABS Module Failure?

Factors such as moisture, corrosion, and other external parameters lead to ABS module failure. Due to software glitches and normal wear, the entire module is programmed again or requires an ABS module replacement.

How to Test an ABS Control Module?

There is only one way to test the bad ABS module. Troubleshooting is carried out in the following ways:

Checking the Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Issues in the ABS module will make the DTC move to one or more car modules. These DTC don’t inform us about the issues with the modules but can be used to perform further troubleshooting.

Information related to ABS DTC can be obtained via a scan tool or code reader. It’s better to do your homework before carrying out ABS module replacement on your car.

Carry Out a Visual Inspection

The next thing you must do is perform a visual inspection. Check the signs of damage, including the broken wires or poor connections. If you encounter any issue, fix it and check the car for its working.

Refer to Service Information Before Performing the Diagnostic Procedure

If you haven’t found anything after a thorough inspection, refer to the service manual before performing the diagnostic procedure.

Is it Possible to Drive with Bad ABS Module?

A bad ABS module leads to further issues and hampers the smooth working of the brakes. Carry out the ABS module replacement as soon as possible so that the issues don’t get worse.

How Much Does ABS Replacement Cost?

On average, the ABS control module replacement costs between $908 and $950.Labor costs are around $103 and $130, while parts costs vary from $805 and $820.However, you can save money by getting quality car parts and accessories online from the customer’s trusted store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ at affordable rates and save money.

The Bottom Line

A poorly working ABS module prevents the car from locking or sticking at the slick surface. These issues mustn’t be taken lightly and must be resolved with ABS module replacement.

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