5 Ways to Make Your Car Windows Look Spick & Span


Car windows face a lot of things to keep you protected. Unfortunately, pesky streaks and outdoor residue become an impediment to the aesthetics of the window and hinder the driver’s visibility at different times of the day. This hindrance while driving can become a safety concern for everyone, ultimately resulting in car windows glass replacement and some cleaning tips, enhancing its curb appeal to a great extent. Let’s delve deeper into these cleaning tips that would make your car tidy and dazzling:

#Tip1:Determine Which Supplies Suit Your Car the Best

Many people would adopt the traditional way of cleaning using newspaper and water. However, only a few of them are made up of soy materials that are safe to use and eco-friendly alternatives. Cleaning the car using the newspapers was a thing of the past and impacted the car’s appeal. Investing in a car window cleaner that is ammonia-free is the best course of action as it won’t hamper the window’s glass. Even the rigorous stains can be eliminated with the help of these cleaners.

Classification of Glass Cleaners

  • Spray-On Cleaners: These are ammonia-free and can be used safely. Once you apply, cleaning won’t be a hassle for you. In case you are looking for something effective and safe for your car, invest in spray-on cleaners.
  • Foaming Glass Cleaner: These have ammonia, so they must not be applied to cars. It is also known as a spotless window cleaner and can be applied to windows that aren’t tinted.

Types of Towels

  1. Waffle Weave Towel: They are low-absorbent towel that makes the car look spick and span by just a moderate amount of cleaning. Apply a light spray of cleaner to the towel and get the desired results in no time.
  2. Glass-Microfibre Towel: This is the second or the final step after that gives a neat and clean car. It helps to get rid of debris and smudges from the car.

You get the best of both worlds from these towels. Dirt and grime are removed using a Waffle Weave towel while the fine details are cleaned using a glass-microfiber towel. You can buy the towel and the cleaner from the trusted car parts and accessories store, i.e. ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ to make the windows look brand new.

#Tip2:Window Cleaning Techniques

Car cleaning is considered a simple task, but you would still come across streaks after cleaning. Car cleaning isn’t confined to eliminating unwanted substances by applying a cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth. It’s the way you have cleaned the vehicle. Supplies are a crucial aspect of cleaning but what matters is the process using that has been applied.

The best approach is to apply less amount of cleaner and apply it evenly on the entire surface. Streaks and spots generally take place during sunny weather. The biggest drawback of cleaning the car under the sun is the surging vehicle temperature that dries the cleaning solution prematurely. The streaks still remain while you clean the glass.

#Tip3:Windshield Cleaning Tips

The windshield is the important section of the window. It is generally present in the car’s external region, which must be cleaned and helps you view dirt and grime inside more clearly. The windshield is a significant part of the car’s body, and anything you do with it would hamper its structural integrity to a great extent. The windshield glass expands or contracts according to the temperature. This rapid expansion or contraction makes the glass weak and avoids adding boiling water to the windshield while cleaning it. Avoid cleaning the windshield externally while the temperatures are low or freezing because it will weaken the windshield, and getting rid of dirt and grime would be a hassle for you. Instead, take the car in a closed space then heat it. If your windshield has ice or snow using a windshield washer to get rid of them before commencing the cleaning process.

#Tip4:Eradicating Bird Poop, Dead Bugs, And Grime From Windows

Ensure that you adopt the right methodology to eliminate bird poop, dead bugs, and grime from the windows. Both bird poop and dead bugs waste contain acid, and this is the last thing you don’t want on your car. It’s better to spray a proper cleaning product first and wait for a few minutes. Using a microfiber towel, wipe the cleaner off and add an extra layer of protection by installing a car window cover.

#Tip5:Cleaning the Car Windshield Wipers

Cleaning the Car Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are most prone to dirt, grime, and debris, and an appropriate cleaning product, microfiber towel, and rubbing alcohol is all you need to get rid of it. Apply a cleaning solution to the microfiber towel and clean the blades using a towel. It’s like going from one end of the blade, pinching it, and moving towards another.

#Tip6:Removing Unwanted Water Spots

Removing water spots becomes a hassle, especially when they dry up and leave spots of mineral residue behind them. You need a slightly acidic cleaning solution that is exclusively tailored to root out these water spots from the car. Apply the car cleaning solution to the car window surface using a towel and wait for a few minutes then, remove it using the box wiping method.

The Bottom Line

Apply the methods listed above and improve the look and feel of the car. Also, don’t forget to spoil your car using car windows UV protection to keep the windows intact in the years to come.

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