How to Know that You Need New Brakes?


Everyone doesn’t adore their car and believes in keeping it in top-notch condition. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t possess sound mechanical knowledge to catch car issues that lead to a breakdown. One thing must perform optimally no matter what the circumstances are, which is the brakes. Don’t miss even a minor car issue and buy new brakes and rotors in case the condition of the old ones has become worse. Below are the ten signs that indicate that it’s time to buy a new brake:

High-Pitch Screeching

High-Pitch Screeching

If you notice high-pitch screeching at any point, know that the lifespan of your brakes has come to an end, and get a car brake replacement. This screeching sound is produced by a piece of metal that is present inside your brake pads. As the pads get low, they are supposed to be replaced instead of driving with them. Don’t take the sounds produced by the brakes lightly and take your car to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis.

Notice Wear & Tear

There is nothing better than a visual inspection to understand the brake issues. Wear and tear issue arise when the spokes come in contact with the metal rotor. If the thickness of the metal has dropped to less than a quarter-inch, it’s time to get new brakes for the car.

Screeching Sounds Coming From New Pads

Loud screeching or other sounds produced by the brakes don’t necessarily mean that you need new brakes. It is sometimes due to glazed rotors, which result from excessive heating and burning of the metal. If you suspect a dark ring or blue marks on the rotor, be prepared to get them replaced. Also, try not to slam the brakes while driving at high speeds as it burns the rotors besides warping them.

Vibration Coming from Brake Pedal

The warped rotors lead to vibrations, or pulsating sounds start coming out of the metal. Sometimes the rotors become very thin, resulting in warping, and can be fixed with car brake replacement.

Stopping Response is Slow

Don’t take this issue lightly if you notice that the brakes have been stopping slower than usual. A brake leak is the underlying cause of the issue that has taken place in the brake hose or brake fluid of the car.

Brake Sensitivity Issue

If the car brakes jerk even on the application of a slight amount of pressure, it’s time to check the brake fluid exchange or if the rotors have degraded unevenly. A qualified mechanic must be consulted in such cases.

Brake Insensitivity Issue

Contrary to the sensitivity problems, an insensitivity arises when you need to take the pedal to the floor to keep the brakes engaged which is an issue in itself. These issues arise during a low brake fluid, the air in the brake fluid, or thinning of the brake pads. Sometimes the hydraulic system is the underlying cause of the issue. Only a mechanic diagnosis accompanied by car brake replacement would resolve the insensitivity problem.

Driveway Puddle

Check the fluid beneath your car, which clearly indicates a brake issue with the car. If you suspect a puddle of fluid after parking your vehicle, which looks like fresh motor oil that’s not slimy it is possibly the brake fluid.

Pulling The Vehicle to One Side

Pulling the Vehicle to One Side

If you notice some force has been pulling the vehicle to either side, the brake linings have worn out, and brake adjustment is a good way to resolve the issue. At times a foreign metal gets inside the brake fluid and needs to be taken out & replaced.

Brake Grinding

Sometimes you might hear grinding sounds coming from your car. These sounds are worse compared to other sounds produced by the car. When this issue arises, a car brake replacement will resolve the issue in no time. Over time this issue can melt the metal and makes the brakes stick. Driving in such conditions can be quite unsafe, so this issue must be addressed soon.

How Much Does Brake Replacement Cost?

Brake pad replacement is generally carried, keeping the kind of vehicle you drive in mind. The average brake pad replacement generally costs $150 per axle, which escalates to $300 depending on the car you drive. However, you can save money from costly repairs by purchasing them from a trusted car parts and accessories store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ and carrying out the replacement by yourself. If your technical knowledge isn’t sound, buy the part and pay the labor charges to the mechanic.

The Bottom Line

Issues related to brake, when left unresolved, become a safety concern. A qualified technician would help you determine the leading cause of the problems. If the condition of the brakes is worse and impeding your driving, buy a new brake for the car and drive without any hassle.

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