Avoid Ignoring the Sounds Coming from Your Car


You are driving, and on your way, you turn to play music on the radio. Unfortunately, the car starts making background noises that become an impediment to your entertainment, and you want to find where they’re coming from. It’s time to take the sounds your car is making seriously, and the following reasons can be held responsible for the same:

Coin Moving Inside the Clothes Dryer

Have you ever come across rattling sounds in the steering wheels while driving at low speeds? If yes, it is possibly due to a loose nut lug within the hubcap. The nuts weren’t tightened properly the last time when the vehicle was taken to the mechanic. Tighten the nuts and drive without any hassle. If you don’t know how to deal with it, take the car to the mechanic.

Squealing, Growling, or Grinding Sounds Coming from the Brakes

Sometimes your car starts producing squealing sounds that need attention. The shelf life of the brake pads or the shoes is about to end, and it’s time to get the brakes checked before it puts you into a dangerous position. Unfortunately, at times the situation gets so worse that metal-to-metal contact takes place, affecting the performance of the brakes. In the worst-case scenario, obtain the brake cost estimate from a reliable online store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ and get it replaced in no time.

Finger Snapping, Popping, and Clicking Sounds


The front-wheel or all-wheel vehicle starts producing sounds the moment the car is turned. It’s time to pay attention to the constant velocity joints as their replacement will help you get rid of the sounds.

Rhythmic Squeak Taking Place During Acceleration

Vehicles with rear or four-wheel drive often produce rhythmic squeaking on acceleration. It is possibly due to the U joint present as pairs and components within the driveshaft. However, only a mechanic can determine the actual reason and recommend U joint replacement in case the faulty one impedes the car’s performance.

Hood Clunking, Tapping and Banging Rhythmically

Sometimes, the hood becomes an issue as clunking, tapping, and banging sounds start coming out of it. There are issues with the valves, connecting rods, and pistons that need an inspection from the mechanic. A replacement will be recommended only after the root cause of the issue has been determined.

Squealing Beneath the Hood on Ignition or Acceleration


The accessory belts lie behind the smooth working of the power steering pump, AC compressor, and Alternator. Over time these belts become loose, and the car begins to give squealing sounds on ignition or acceleration. In the case of modern vehicles, the Serpentine belt is the root cause of the issue. Depending upon the type, the mechanic would recommend a belt replacement to you.

Howling, Whining, or Singing 

The car bearings play a crucial role and help the car parts rotate flawlessly. Cars with front-wheel-drive produce sound the moment they are turned left, right, or backward; it is due to the front wheel bearings. Cars moving with the help of the rear wheel bearing, the whine gets louder during acceleration. It is because of the leaky fluid. Take the car to the mechanic before the issue gets serious.

The Bottom Line

Sounds coming from the car shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ignoring these issues could lead to bigger problems and prevent the car from performing optimally. However, if you are technically sound, you can fix these issues by purchasing the problematic part from a trusted online store .

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