How to Fix Issues Related to Bad Door Actuator?


Gone are the days when you inserted keys within the car, got inside, and opened other car doors. The advancement in technology has replaced these manual locks with actuators commonly found in present-day cars. These actuators work on a latch mechanism and come with a switch(sensors) that opens, locks, and unlocks the car. Let’s dive deeper into bad door actuator symptoms and take steps to get rid of the issue.

What’s the Role Of a Door Actuator Within The Car?


A door lock actuator has a reversible motor(many cars have solenoid) along with the gears that help them move. Press unlock, and the motor starts moving in a reverse manner while the locking movement is unidirectional. When the car has locked, it moves in the other direction.

What Are Some Of The Bad Door Actuator Symptoms?

The actuators are found on every lock, so a problematic actuator would impede the working of one lock. Below are the symptoms of a failed lock actuator:

Power Door Lock Doesn’t Work at All

Issues in the door lock actuator prevent one of the car door locks from working. The lock would function manually, but the power function would start giving issues.

Door Lock Working in a Sluggish Manner

The door lock still works despite the weak actuator, but it moves in a sluggish manner.

Power Lock Produces Strange Noises

The door lock starts making clunking, clicking, or grinding sounds as it moves, and door actuator replacement can fix these issues in no time.

Power Lock Runs in an Erratic Manner

A malfunctioning actuator makes the door indulge in locking and unlocking when not needed. Ask the mechanic about the door actuator replacement price and help the door run smoothly.

How to Troubleshoot a Bad Door Lock Actuator?

If the power lock doesn’t work as expected, it is possibly due to a door lock switch or an actuator. The first thing you should take up is to check whether the actuator receives power or not. If the actuator is getting power despite it doesn’t work, it is because of a faulty actuator. The power supply can be checked using a digital multimeter using the following steps:

  1. Wear your safety glasses.
  2. Take out the door panel to reach the actuator.
  3. Have a look at the actuator and ensure that it is mounted in the right way, and the linkage shouldn’t be binding.
  4. Separate the connector from the actuator.
  5. Keep your multimeter at a 20V DC scale.
  6. The negative meter led must be connected to the ground and the positive one to power-fed terminals lying at the harness side of the actuator connector.

How Much Does a Door Actuator Replacement Cost?

The average cost of the door actuator is between $298 to $360; the labor costs are levied separately between $99-$126.Every part of the actuator falls between $199-$234.This is exclusive of fees and taxes that are charged from your pocket. However, you can save money by purchasing it from the well-established car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings authentic and top-quality parts to you.

How to Deal With Bad Door Lock Actuator?


It is impossible to lock a car that has a bad door lock actuator. You can fix these issues in two ways one is operating the door manually, and the second one is buying a new one, so get an idea of the door actuator replacement price beforehand. Watch DIY videos and fix the issues by yourself instead of paying a hefty amount to the mechanic.

The Bottom Line

You compromise the vehicle’s safety by not taking the actuator issues seriously. Ensure that you diagnose a bad blend door actuator before replacing it with the assistance of a trusted mechanic.

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