Basic Car Maintenance Checklist & Tips


Every year millions of individuals spend dollars to buy their dream car.The believe that the moment they buy it their responsibility towards it has come to an end.In reality it needs a lot of maintenance to stay healthy and in good working condition.A poor maintenance leads to issues in battery,engine,brakes and Tyres that pop up all of a sudden and fixing them would burn a hole in your pocket.Implement the following car maintenance tips & tricks to help your car run smoothly and get an exhilarating driving experience from it:

Tyre Pressure

Hot summers or leaving a vehicle as it is for a long-time would reduce the tire-pressure.Flat tire issues crop up all of a sudden so add the pressure before such a situation occurs.Certain cars come with tire pressure monitoring systems that give pressure related information to you.Alternatively,you can perform manual inspection and take steps to resolve the issues.Ensure that the car is pumped to a certain psi as filling it beyond it would lead to problems.A car manual must be consulted before filling the tires to a certain pressure.If you have a flat tire get a spare tire and perform  tire replacement to drive without any hassle.

Car Brakes

Car Brakes

Brakes are prone to deterioration when left unattended for a while.Over time brakes rust and corrode that seizes and becomes stiff or locked the moment you try to release them.Major brake issues often demand brake & rotor replacement after mechanic inspection.If you want to keep your brakes in top-notch condition keep on rolling it back and forth so that it keeps moving.


Not using the car often or taking it for short trips would drain the car battery to great extent.The battery of old cars get flat quickly and the same thing happens with new cars when left unused for a while.Ensure that you drive the car quite often and ensure that it’s charged only when the battery is low so that it runs for a long time.

Oil Coolant & Antifreeze

Additives and chemicals present in the motor oil can damage the car mechanical components.Therefore,adding some fresh fluid and turning the ignition on for the oil circulation will be helpful to great extent.Ensure that the car is topped up with oil as it gets low so that all the parts are lubricated properly.Don’t forget to check the washer fluid levels and it shows full in winters despite that the car doesn’t work properly so take it to the mechanic for a check-up.

Exterior & Interior

There is nothing better than having your own garage to keep vehicle safe from dirt,debris and animal poop.Sometimes insects,birds or other animals stay in the cars as host and chew seat covers,dashboards and wiring.If you don’t own a garage investing in a car cover is the best course of action.Ensure that you safeguard the paint of your car by waxing it on regular basis.Get new exterior and interior materials for your car if the old ones have worn out.



Fog lamps, brake lights, headlamps and side lights keep you safe on the road.Therefore,it is better to replace the car lights to see vehicles and obstacles on the road carefully at any time of the day.

Air Conditioning

Dust,mold and other particles get inside the car with a poorly working AC unit.These give rise to unpleasant car odors.Also,the moment you turn it on you would notice that the AC isn’t working as smoothly as it should.Ensure that the AC unit is turned on and the coolant replacement must be carried in case the levels have dropped.

The Bottom Line

Get these important car areas maintained for its smooth working.Even if you’re purchasing car parts to replace the previous one ensure that you associate with reputed car parts and accessories store.Also,Make sure you get in touch with a qualified mechanic if the car issues get severe over time.

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