Car Suspension – A Quick Guide

Can you think of a smooth car ride without a good suspension? Simply, No! Today, we are going to discuss everything about car suspension such as what it is and its function, how suspension adds comfort to your car ride? Let’s dive into the sea of knowledge. 

Car Suspension

Car suspension is a complex system that includes rods, pistons, shock absorbers, etc. It is a vital part of every vehicle that helps in preventing the car and its parts from any damage. You must have seen that on an extremely bumpy and uneven road, the vehicle always experiences a lot of wear and tear. It is the suspension system of the car that helps in saving the whole car’s system from excessive damage.  

It has been seen that sometimes we fail to judge or ignore the arising abnormalities in the suspension systems. So, it is better to notice it before it results in a big part’s failure. Before jumping to the problems of the car suspension system, let’s discuss the function of vehicle suspension systems.

What is the Function of Suspension?


The car suspension system is the prime mechanism that divides the car’s bum from the road. A good vehicle’s suspension system prevents your car from excess shaking or vibrations. No matter how smooth your road is, it is completely dangerous to ride a metallic heavy body on the wheels with a bad suspension system. Take an example of trains, they don’t have suspension systems that is why we experience harsh riding. Whereas, in cars, the rubbers of the tires keep the jerk up to an extent while the rest of the work is done by other suspension parts.

Let’s have a look at different components of car suspension and their work. 

Important Parts of Suspension


Different components play a key role in suspension systems. Have a look at them and their work.

1) Coil Springs

The springs are the parts of a suspension system that sucks up the whole jerk when the car passes through bumps or holes in the road. Instead of using springs, some metal rods are being used in some cars. 

2) Wheels and Tires

These are components of the suspension system connected outside. Without tires or wheels, you can’t ride as the car moves when tires move. 

Most of the impact of the bumpy and potholes is exerted by the tires. Besides, braking, accelerating, and drifting of the car have a huge impact on the tires. Therefore, it is very important to have an adequate amount of treads and air pressure. All these things can smooth the drive. 

3) Shock Absorbers

They work along with car springs to diminish the effects of potholes and bumps. If the shock absorber works well then only it can support car springs. All this helps in reducing the bouncing while the car is at high speed. 

Inside shock absorbers, there is a thick oil that helps it in functioning well. In case a leak out happens, it may lose its proper functioning.

4) Rods/Linkages

Several rods are interlinked with other parts of the suspension system. These rods are made up of metal that makes it more durable and long-lasting. With a strong devastating accident may break or damage a rod.

5) Bearings/Joints/Bushings

These are the parts that connect the suspension system with other larger car’s components. Not just this, the components such as bearings & bushings help in sliding and twisting actions of other auto parts. 

If the suspension bushing is made up of rubber then it may wear out quickly. The joint may lose after a certain time. It is one of the reasons that whenever the suspension system wears out, it is because of problems in the bushing, smaller joints, and bearing. 

Signs of Car Suspension Problems-

1. If You Rides Roughly

If your car is not offering a smooth ride then it must be because of the poor suspension system. The bumpy road or potholes are responsible for the poor suspension system. When the suspension is not good then you must get more vibrations or jerks while having a drive.

2. Drifting or Pulling While Turns 


If you are feeling a pull or drift while your car takes a turn, then your vehicle has a poor suspension system. It also clearly shows that the shock absorbers are completely worn out and need a fast replacement.

3. Dips/”Nose Dives” While Applying Brakes 

When the shock absorbers get worn out, you are likely to sense your vehicle’s body lurching in the forward & downward direction while applying brakes. It is a scary and dangerous situation where due to a bad suspension system the stopping ability reduced by 20 percent.

4. Uneven Tire Treads

Dips "Nose Dives" While Applying Brakes

Have you seen uneven treads on your car tires? In case you ever noticed them, you must visit a mechanic as soon as possible. It could be due to the misalignment of car tires, bad suspension system, uneven amount of air pressure in cars. 

5. Damaged Or Oil Leakage of Shocks

Damaged Or Oil Leakage of Shocks

Take a look under the car, notice at the shocks or struts of the suspension system. If you see leakage of grease or oil then there is a huge chance that they have a leaking fluid filled in the shocks. And there is a good chance that they are not working completely. It is the best time to replace the shocks as soon as possible. 

How To Maintain a Car’s Suspension?

There are a lot of factors that affect the life and working of a car’s suspension. To enjoy a smooth ride, you need to maintain the suspension well. Here are some of the optimum things that you can do for your suspension.

  • Check your suspension systems thoroughly regularly. You can check it after getting your car serviced or after an oil change.
  • Inspect the rubber bushing on the track bars struts rods, etc.
  • Check every part of the suspension system to locate the cracks, oil contamination or missing parts, etc.
  • Check the quantity of grease of your car as it may leak out.

Don’t allow your car suspension system to wear and tear to the point where it affects your other car parts too. Repairing or getting car service is a much easier and more pocket-friendly option than buying a new car. Ne must know the functions, parts and signs of a bad car suspension system. 

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