Car Windows Stuck? Steps to fix it


Turn on the ignition key. If the radio and other windows are working, you are all ready to fix the stalled power window 

There is problem in your window? Relax 

There are various tricks that can help you solve it – whether your car window is hanging up or down. Stuck car windows are inconvenient. You will lose drive-through coffee, fast food and banking facilities. 

Is it easy to fix a stuck car window? 

easy to fix a stuck car window

Yes. In fact, you don’t even need a special tool to roll or push a stalled car window. First, first let’s look at the reasons why your car window is stuck and we’ll take it from there. Since electric and manual windows have different methods, there are different reasons for failure. 

The power window uses a reversible electric motor attached to a regulator to lower and raise the window. Switches, wiring, regulators and motors can malfunction, which can lead to nailed windows. 

lead to nailed windows

Manual car windows, on the other hand, use a hand spindle and a mechanical regulator. Lubricating grease can deform due to regulatory friction as it dries. 

Don’t worry! There is a compromise in all of that. It can be repaired without any cost. 

Troubleshooting a stuck electric car window 

Turn on the ignition key. If the radio and other windows are working, you are all ready to fix the stalled power window. 

Press and hold the window switch in closed position. Hold down the depressively button and press the side that closes the window. When the window button is sluggish leave the car door open and leave the slam. Try again until the window opens. 

If this does not work, close the door and check for contact with the sheet metal inside the door. Lower the power window button and press that area with your fist or a blurred object. Be careful not to damage your door or injure yourself. 

Hopefully this time the car window will roll. Leave it until you are ready to fix it. 

If this doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the switch, window motor or fuse. At this point, the best thing to do is take your car to a mechanic. 

How to repair work stoppage manual car window? 

Find out why the window stopped working. You may need to remove the window crank and door panel to check if it is correct. 

If the window free wheels are rotated, or some grinding sound is heard, the teeth may be removed into the crank. Replacing the crank can solve that. 

Replacing the crank

If the crank is OK, you should check the window and regulator. Make sure the window does not exit the channel. If so, you need to roll it up again. If the grease dries on the regulator, you can roll your window by applying fresh grease. 

Manual windows are easier to repair than electric ones. In the manual window, there are only two things that can stop it from working: a little problem with the crank or the gears removed on the regulator. 

Identify the problem before making any adjustments 

The first thing to do is cause the window to hang. When you press the window button you can usually hear the sound and tell the problem. If there is no noise, this is an electrical problem; you need to replace the motor. On the other hand, if you can hear the sound when you press the window button, it is a mechanical problem. You can also check the door panel, motor and other parts of the window to make sure they are all working. 

Take the car to the mechanic 

It is a good idea to seek professional help to avoid the risk of damaging your car window. Repairing a broken window alone will not work – you can spend a lot on repairs. It is important to do it professionally to ensure a fully functional car window. 

Final word 

Fixing a jammed or broken car window is easy. If the problem is not so serious you can fix it. If none of your tricks work, call a mechanic right away! 

Good luck and hope you can fix it! 

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