Do we need to Follow Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Schedule every time?

Driving a car can be both fun and exciting, but not every car owner works proactively for the maintenance of their vehicle. While some owners ensure to follow maintenance routine, others take the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” approach. For people who don’t take car maintenance seriously, it is important to understand that following the car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is helpful for ensuring the long life of the vehicle as well as preventing damage to their engines. In this blog, we’ll know about the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and why it is important.

Type of Maintenance Does Your Vehicle Need:

vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule

Not all vehicles are made the same. For example, some run on diesel while some engines are made to work with CNG. Just like the difference in the engines, service and maintenance requirements for these vehicles are also different. The best way to know what your needs are is by reading its owner’s manual. So, yes having a look at the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules and following it really matter. Following are the types of maintenance your vehicle will need.

Normal Maintenance – Almost every vehicle needs normal maintenance, which needs to be performed after a certain time span or miles travelled, whichever is earlier. Normal maintenance is about getting services as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. This type of vehicle is very important for drivers with a short commute who drive fewer than 10-12,000 miles each year. If you are running a vehicle that doesn’t go through exceptionally demanding driving conditions, then your vehicle will need normal maintenance on a regular basis.

Severe Maintenance – This is another type of vehicle maintenance that is aimed at the longevity of vehicles that are used rigorously. For example, if your vehicle runs regularly on long trips in stop-and-go traffic, off- uncountable, etc. then severe maintenance may be needed for your vehicle. The reason here is that type of driving will result in the breakdown of various engine parts that need to be replaced and checked on a regular basis. This type of service doesn’t involve different types of services, but shorter periods between normal services.

Why You Must Stick to Your Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule?

It is a fact that routine vehicle care is a very good idea, but one thing to keep in mind is that this cannot replace a manufacturer’s service. Here are some reasons why it is important to follow a car manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Vehicle’s Warranty – One of the most important reasons for ensuring following the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule is that it helps ensure protect your vehicle warranty. If your car is new or under warranty, failing to follow the service schedule will void your warranty. This is something that not every car owner will know, but it can land you in trouble. So, when you fail to follow the recommendations and something wrong happens with the vehicle, the manufacturer is eligible to not pay for certain repairs that would normally be covered under the warranty. This means you might need to pay for the damage from your pockets. At the same time, improper maintenance will also make it hard for you to sell your car or trade it in for a newer model.

Increase Vehicle Lifespan – As a car owner, you would want it to be working for longer, without mechanical troubles. This is even more important when you are a constant driver and take your car on long drives. So the key to ensuring the long life of your car is to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. During your car service, certain things will be checked such as transmission fluid, anti-freeze levels, oil and oil filters, gear lubricants, etc. For the life of the engine, lubrication is very important and this is what is checked at the manufacturer’s vehicle maintenance schedule. The goal is to ensure an optimal level, as per the requirement. So if you aim to ensure the long life of your car, don’t neglect your vehicle maintenance schedule.

Reduce Repair Costs – Until now, we have talked about the importance of following the manufacturer’s schedule. But that’s not the only thing you need to ensure for the long life of your vehicle as some repair work may be also required for damaged parts. The good thing about following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is that it can make a huge impact on the money you will pay for the repair work as there are least chances for the parts to get damaged, in case regular maintenance is done. It has been noticed that drivers who often ignore the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule end up paying much higher prices for routine maintenance.

Improved Car Safety – There is a reason that your car manufacturer will suggest you perform vehicle maintenance after a certain period of time; the engine and other parts are made to last for a particular time. This is why the professionals will not do a thorough check-up during the first or second maintenance schedule. As time goes on, they know which parts might have got damaged due to the driving and hence various parts will be checked during the routine maintenance schedule such as tire pressure check, steering inspection, brake inspection, suspension check, etc. In case you neglect the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, these parts can get ignored which might put you and other road users in danger.

Optimal Performance – If you are a concerned consumer and would like to ensure the best performance and longer life of your vehicle and its engine, then it makes sense to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule. The goal of this schedule is to help you get the benefits of optimal performance, fewer breakdowns, and better fuel economy as the engine works much better when maintained regularly. When regular service and maintenance are done, it helps ensure the long life of the engine as well as its parts like spark plugs, filters, etc.

What if You Don’t Follow the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule?

While there are endless problems that can take place when you don’t schedule time for maintenance, some of these problems are listed here.

Higher Repair Costs – One of the most common problems your car engine can experience is higher repair costs. This happens because an oil change is a common practice performed during regular maintenance and due to negligence in an oil change, the engine goes under immense pressure and parts can get damaged very easily. If you aim to save money on repair costs, regular maintenance is suggested.

Poor Fuel Economy – If you do not care about following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, the engine is likely to perform badly and fuel efficiency can also reduce because the engine undergoes much pressure. Taking care of routine maintenance and replacement of certain items like engine oil, eases the burden on your engine, thus resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

Unsafe Driving Conditions – Regular maintenance of your vehicle as per the recommendation of the car manufacturer is not just helpful for increasing fuel efficiency but also ensures that you remain safe on the road because the vehicle will have well-maintained brake pads, engine oil, etc. At the same time, tire rotation is also part of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This helps prevent the chances of tire blowouts.

Lower Resale Value – The worst thing you can experience by not following a regular vehicle maintenance schedule is the reduced value of your vehicle. According to specialists, the value of a car is determined by how well it is maintained. So, if you intend to get the best value for your vehicle, it makes sense to ensure following your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. The reason here is that regularly serviced vehicles are known to perform better and have a longer lifespan.

Final Words :

Whether you use your vehicle just for the up and down from your office or use it rigorously on long drives or for off-roading, following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is important to ensure the longer life of your vehicle because this helps prevent unwanted damage and repair costs as these repair works can be done beforehand. At the same time, it also helps increase the value of your vehicle as the engine remains in good and well-maintained condition. To ensure timely maintenance and service of your vehicle, follow the user manual or simply consult with the service provider for better help.

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