Tire Rotation Is A Necessary Action, Don’t Neglect It.

It’s a fact that most car owners don’t take any problem seriously unless it’s too late and it breaks down. Just like taking care of your car’s engine, tires are also very crucial components that need great attention, but a common thing is that they don’t get much attention from drivers until it is long overdue. According to specialists, tire rotation is one of the most important things that every car owner must take care of as this is a sure way for them to get the most out of their car and avoid unexpected problems. Are you also driving your car for a long time and haven’t rotated its tires? Here is a blog that will discuss the importance and everything about tire rotation.

What Is Tire Rotation?

To begin with this topic, we’d like to explain tire rotation in the first place. According to automobile experts, tire rotation is a way of managing tired tread wear. In the process of a tire rotation, as the name suggests, each tire is moved from its place and allocated to a different option on your car’s axles. For example, the front tires can be sent to the back position. The goal of this rotation or shuffle is to help your tires wear more evenly!

For better results, it is suggested to refer to your owner’s manual or consult with a professional in the field to better understand how often you should rotate your tires. Although it’s suggested by most car manufacturers to get the tires rotated about every 7,500 miles or six months. This process should be a part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine to achieve uniform wear and maximize tread life. Ultimately, this will help save you money and headaches down the road. Following are a few key things that must happen during a tire rotation:

1.Each wheel is removed from the vehicle and moved to a different position.

2. Air pressure is checked and adjusted as necessary.

3. Brakes should be checked for better driving and control.

What If I Neglect Tire Rotation?

Do you have an excess of money? Can you replace your old car tires with new ones after every year? If yes, then there’s nothing wrong in keep going without the tire rotation process. But if you are a smart consumer and would like to make the most of your money, then tire rotation is a smart choice to make as in case of negligence, tire treads can wear down unevenly to create a rough and potentially unstable driving surface. Due to negligence, your car tires may wear which can result in decreasing your safety on the road. This not just results in higher chances of puncture, but also can cause blowouts, which can be deadly.

According to the reports, inadequate tread depth is responsible for more than 25% of all tire-related car accidents. So, it makes sense that you take good care of your vehicle tires and ensure rotation after some time. Here are some drawbacks when you do not take care of tire rotation.

1.Heat Buildup – We all know that when the vehicle is moving, friction will be created due to the tires moving on the road. This results in generating heat. While the advanced technology has allowed making vehicle tires that are built to last, it is important to ensure taking some maintenance steps like tire rotation. Due to negligence, the temperatures can quickly reach unsafe levels. In case of too much heat generated when driving. It can result in tire failures, such as blowouts and tread separation.

2.Hydroplaning – Have you noticed that there are deep grooves in your car’s tire? While they can help make your tires look beautiful as you drive or even park, they’re not just for the visual appeal. These grooves also help channel water away from the driving surface. The goal is to help maintain a firm grip on the road. When the tread depth is not adequate, there are high chances for the tires to skim across the top of the water, dangerously compromising steering, etc. This is why it is important that your tire has a better grip on the road, which is only possible when enough grooves are there.

3.Poor Traction in Snow and Ice – As we already mentioned that proper and adequate grooves are important for the required traction and grip on the road, without the deeper treads, there are high chances that the tires may not achieve the required traction in snow. If you are living in a city or country where snow is very common, then it becomes even more important to take good care of your car tires and ensure timely tire rotation because due to insufficient tread depths, the chances of spinning out or sliding around on icy roads are quite high.

4.Punctures and Blowouts – We already mentioned that worn-out tires are more likely to experience punctures and blowouts when driving on the road, but still it is a very important point that must be kept in mind for better safety. In case of negligence of tire rotation, the tires may start to wear thin very fast. The thinner your car tires become, the higher will be chances that a nail or even a sharp rock could poke a hole in the tire. And if the speed is very high, it can also result in a tire blowout or even an accident.

Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is one of the best practices that a car owner can follow for the long life of tires as well as safety on the road. Here are some amazing benefits of timely tire rotation.

1.Better Gas Mileage – Not many people may know, but good tires can greatly help enhance the mileage of the vehicle, which reduces the amount you spend at the pump. It happens because regular tire rotation lessens the load your tires have to bear, thus reducing vehicle friction and pull. Since there is no additional burden on a car engine, it will not need to burn as much gas.

2.Better Tire Tread Life – This is certainly a definite benefit of timely and regular tire rotation. It allows you to give a better and longer life to your car tires because your driving style as well as road conditions have different effects on your tires. According to specialists, timely tire rotation can nearly double the life of car tires.

3.Better Overall Vehicle Performance – One thing you will notice about driving a car is that when you have better control over your vehicle, you feel more confident even when driving at a high speed. This is possible when your car tires are in good condition. Car owners who do not take good care of tires are more likely to notice their stability, overall comfort, and performance start to decline. Make sure to enjoy safe driving with timely and proper tire rotation habits.

Easier Maintenance of Your Tire Warranty – Whether you own a new car or have replaced your tires recently, they may be under warranty. To maintain the warranty, it is suggested to regularly rotate them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Even most car manufacturers also recommend regular tire rotations for their warranties to remain valid. This is why it is suggested to check the user manual to ensure the timely rotation of your car tires.

How Long Will Tires Last If Rotation Is Not Done?

While it is a fact that tire rotation can help enhance the overall life of your car tires, there may be many people who would like to know how long the tires can last in case no tire rotation is done. Well, the answer is that the length of time and number of miles your car tires can last will totally depend on various factors like the vehicle type, vehicle weight, driving style, miles covered regularly, road conditions, etc. There is no particular lifespan for car tires, but it is a fact that you can expect that they will last much less.

According to specialists in the field, driving style makes a huge impact on the overall life of car tires. It is safe to say that aggressive driving will more quickly wear the tread off of any set of tires. Similarly, if the road condition is not too good, the tires will wear out too easily.

Final Words :

As a car owner, the last thing you would want is to get stuck somewhere due to a punctured tire, blown out tire, tire slipping on the road, etc. All this can be avoided with the help of timely tire rotation practice. This not only helps ensure the long life of your car tires but also ensures a better driving experience and control as you move on the road. Consult with a professional to avoid any hassle.

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