Does The Auto Parts Shop Sell Rain Guards?


Driving is a hassle during extreme weather conditions such as rain. As you open the ventilation system, the water comes over your face and spreads over the armrests. Also, parking the cracked windows in the sun makes it more accessible to thieves. These issues can be resolved using rain guards. You might be thinking, are they as effective. The answer is that they are quite effective and save the car from external factors like dust, snow, and rain. Also, the moment you keep the windows down, it tries to minimize the wind noise and turbulence within the car. In some cars, the manufacturers have pre-installed the rain guards, while in others, you need to pay extra to have them on your car. If your car doesn’t have them get durable, optimum quality, and reasonable rain guards from Autoparts to safeguard your car from extreme weather influences.

Benefits of Window Deflectors/Rain Guards

If you have been underestimating the benefits of rain guards, think about it again. We have compiled a list of advantages offered by rain guards installed in the car:

Minimize Wind Noise

The moment you open car windows, you notice noise and wind inside your car. This wind noise can be minimized using side window defectors. Then, the wind starts getting over the vehicle with them and helps the driving commute without any hassle.

Keep Mist Away from the Windows

Window deflectors generally enhance your driving experience. During chilly weather, condensation leads to window fogging, and the rain guards generally perform the responsibility of demisting. It handles the condensation taking place as the weather gets cold.

Offers Comfortable Driving Experience

Rain Guards in the car protect the vehicle and the driver from extreme weather like rain and wind by taking them away from the windows. This makes the interior comfortable as the foreign particles don’t enter the car.

Deflectors Based on Brands

Auto Ventshade

Auto shade came into the limelight in the year 1935 and was introduced by Asa Phillips. It is the Ventshade car accessory that surged its popularity. It was kept on the car windows and was responsible for bad weather exit and fresh air entry.


David MacNeil came with the idea of WeatherTech in the year 1989 and owned a complete share of the company.WeatherTech prioritizes customers and gives a limited lifetime warranty on its products. If you are searching for quality rain guards, make Weather Tech your most preferred choice.



Many of us are unaware that a Nikjima Aircraft firm introduced the idea of Subaru. Subaru runs a branch named Subaru Corporation and has become a popular name in the automotive industry. The brand is renowned for its car parts and accessories. If you want to make your vehicle look different from others, find the Subaru store that performs Rain guards installation near me.

How Much Exactly Does the ‘Rain Guards’ Cost?

Window defectors are generally sold in two ways in the market. One is in the form of sets, and the other one is on an individual basis. The rain guard cost generally lies between $20-$50.Deflectors manufactured by big brands are quite expensive and generally cost between $50-$150.These popular names are Auto Vent Shade, Nissan, Ford, and GM. If deflector purchase is burning a hole in your pocket, you can save money by purchasing your deflector from the trusted store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings top quality and durable car parts to you.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Window Deflector

Deflector Type

Window Deflectors are available as custom or universal. Among the two the customer prefers to purchase the universal rain guards and fits within their budget—however, these last for a short time. Custom-based products have a longer shelf life and are costly than their counterparts. If you don’t want to adjust them manually, buy the best auto window rain guards from a trusted store near you.No matter what kind of rain guard you’re planning to purchase, ensure that the car window curvature is measured before making a final purchase.

Perfectly Fit Your Car

Investing in window deflectors that don’t fit your car could lead to disappointments. Certain window deflectors are exclusively designed, keeping the structure of the cars in mind. Ensure that everything is meticulously checked before deciding to invest in a deflector. Most manufacturers provide this information; if they don’t, you can visit them. Rain guards must be installed depending on how perfectly they fit in your car.


The deflectors are present at the exterior portion of the car. These must be selected based on their durability and toughness. They are susceptible to sunlight, rain, or debris accumulation as they move. Window deflectors are tough and can eradicate harmful UV rays entering the car.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Effortless Installation

While Buying rain guards for cars, preference is given to those that install with minimum effort. First of all, try to clean the deflectors and car windows and give it time to dry. Try to test every piece and install the deflector without delay.

The Shape of Rain Guards

The shape reveals a lot of things about the defectors. Specifically, it helps us determine the type of car it fits into along with the window. The Best auto window rain guards come with mounting seats repeating the window’s curvature. Don’t forget to check the deviation angle of the deflector, as it leads to extra resistance when someone drives. This might make the seal lose, and the deflector would come out.

The Bottom Line

Keep the interior of the car intact and don’t let the wind sounds impede your driving by associating with a store helping in Rain guards installation near me

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