Everything You Must Know About Advanced Transmission Units

Present-day vehicles come with manual and automatic transmissions that are installed as per the driver’s convenience. Compared to manual transmissions, automatic transmissions make driving comfortable and improve the fuel efficiency of cars. Furthermore, a new type of technology known as advanced transmission has been introduced that is extremely quick than the computers installed in the lunar systems of the cars. This article covers everything related to advanced transmission systems along with the ways with which they enhance the performance of the vehicle :

Traditional Automatic Transmission

A traditional automatic transmission has various programs stored in control units to shift gears. Most cars have a switch present on the steering and have been helping the drivers in shifting the gears, preventing errors, and calibrating transmission power correctly. Conventional transmissions have six gears; on the contrary, the ultra-efficient versions have nine gears.

Automated Manual Transmission

Automated Manual Transmission

An automatic manual transmission amalgamates both automatic and manual transmission categories. With automatic, you get both comfort and convenience and individual control in case of the manual transmission. The clutch opens when it’s idling while it uses energy when it’s close. The transmission helps reduce carbon emissions and saves fuel as the process continues. Install this latest transmission system in your car to enhance its performance.

Dual Clutched Automatic Transmissions

Dual Clutched

This category has two types of transmissions one is for even gear shift and another one for the odd gear shift. Both gears keep moving back and forth between the transmissions. This transmission system comes with a sophisticated transmission control and powerful processing, making it the most preferred choice. It’s time to carry out transmission system replacement of your existing system and help your car perform optimally.



If you want to get the comfort of both manual and automatic transmissions at nominal rates, install an e-clutch in your car. Just putting feet on the gas pedal leads to automation of the clutch instead of the gas pedal. The clutch pedal generates the signal and sends it to an actuator that decouples the clutch. It is essentially installed in fully automated transmissions that drive in stop-and-go traffic.



The clutch can take advantage of the efficient coasting features with automatic transmissions. Coasting enables start and stop function and helps save fuel by 10 percent. With this function, the engine switches off at traffic lights and when the traffic is in motion.

Where to Get these Latest Transmission Systems From?

Purchasing a transmission system from a local store would burn a hole in your pocket. However, you can save money by getting them from trusted stores like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’We bring premium quality products to you at nominal rates.

 The Bottom Line

Install the latest transmission in your car to enhance its performance. Sometimes transmissions wear out over time and need to be upgraded with better systems to prevent costly repairs later on.

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