Front vs Mid Vs Rear Mount


Most of the vehicles have engines installed in the bonnet. With the advancement in technology, automobile engineers install mid or rear engine mount that has long-lasting implications on the performance & stability of the vehicles. Those who buy cars are hardly interested in knowing the location of the car engine. In reality, the place where the engine is kept impacts the configuration of the entire car.

Front-Engine Cars Vs Mid-Engine Cars Vs Rear-Engine Cars

You would generally come across front, rear, or mid-car mount. This configuration is either front-front or front-mid which depends on the engine position with respect to the axle.

Benefits Offered by Front Engine Cars

Most of the vehicles have front mount car placement in them. The engine is placed in such a way that it offers maximum traction & keeps the vehicle stable on road. The front-engine comes with spacious cabins and the best part is this type of position keeps the drivers safe on the road.If anything happens to front-engine cars a thorough inspection followed by a front-engine replacement would fix the issue in no time and add a layer of protection while driving.

Disadvantages of Front Engine Car

  • Just like other things front-engine cars have disadvantages. Front-engine mount front-wheel-drive vehicles experience understeer as you accelerate them.
  • These vehicles face minimum hits and are considered ideal. Controlling them becomes a tough task especially in slippery conditions.
  • When considered performance-wise it brings a lot of disadvantages as the output has to go through the entire car while turning the wheels.
  • The car manufacturers have tried to resolve the issues by introducing power steering, anti-lock braking system (ABS), vehicle stability control, and traction control.
  • Front mount car configuration is never installed in racing cars due to the drawbacks offered by it.

Mid Engine Mount

Sometimes the engine lies between the axles of the automobile. These generally fall under the category of front-mid or rear-mid.

Advantages Offered by Mid Engine Car

A mid-engine configuration balances the car in a perfect manner as all the wheels share the equal weight. Equal alignment in all 4 wheels improves the stability and specifically in the case of negotiating bends. This feature is exclusively integrated into sports vehicles. Cars with such arrangements come with a two-passenger occupancy.

Disadvantages of Mid Engine Mount

  • Handling the vehicles with such configuration becomes a concern for many. Since the weight is balanced neither the front nor the rear wheels have the grip to halt the wheels. 
  • Mid-engine replacement and repairs is a complex task so a qualified mechanic must be consulted in such a case.
  • Accessing the central region of the car is a concern compared to the front-wheel configuration.

Rear-Engine Placement

Rear-Engine Placement

You won’t have any idea about the rear-mount car placement unless you’re on a racing track. As the name indicates the engine lies behind the rear axle.

Benefits of Rear-Engine Configuration

  • This sort of arrangement is generally preferred by racing enthusiasts as it offers a better grip in case of wet conditions.
  • Since the entire weight is placed on the back wheels so the car begins accelerating promptly.
  • There have been significant improvements while someone tries to apply brakes to their car. Also, the rear brakes have maximum stopping power which many car enthusiasts don’t know.
  • In case something happens to this configuration a mechanic can fix the issue by rear-engine replacement or can be resolved by yourself if you’ve technical knowledge.

The Bottom Line

If you want to determine which placement among mid or rear offers an excellent placement. It’s generally the mid one which is the right choice for the inexperienced ones while the experienced ones must drive the rear car mount.

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