How to Store Your Car Properly?


At times you are busy due to work or maybe staying at someone’s place for a while during which you won’t be indulged in much driving. In this case, your vehicle remains unattended for several days, and a lot of dust and bird poop start accumulating on it. You don’t want to deal with a messy car; this is why you must incorporate ways to store a car properly to prevent it from becoming useless in the future:


It is vital to inspect the tires before keeping them in storage thoroughly. This is because tires begin losing pressure as the temperature alterations take place. Therefore, ensure that the tires are inflated to proper pressure before storing the car. If there is a tire leak, try to fix it sooner as the car would start kneeling on its rim.

Ensure that the parking brake is disengaged. If you’re concerned about the car rolling, keep a wooden object or bricks to prevent tire movement. Keeping the car on jack stands would take the weight away from suspension and jack stands. This would prevent your tires from becoming flat, thereby creating a tire replacement to resolve the issues.

Add Fresh and Optimum Quality Fuel to the Tank

Stored vehicles often face condensation hassle, so it’s vital to fill the car tank with fresh, top-quality fuel. Don’t leave any space as the air would enter inside the tank. Sometimes the gasoline becomes gummy as the vehicle is stored for prolonged periods, so adding a gasoline stabilizer would prevent these concerns.

Full Hand Wash & Polish

It’s not a routine; it’s an annual tradition car enthusiast follow. Start by taking your car in the driveway so that you can clear the stuff lying on it. All you need is a jug with a car wash solution in it, a big sponge & elbow grease that can be bought from a reputed store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’ Move towards every inch of the sheet metal using a sponge. Clean it using a microfiber cloth so that there are no streaks or water spots on it. Make it look as if bought from the showroom recently, then properly place it in the storage space.

Check Fluids & Power

Check Fluids & Power

Adding a fluid stabilizer to your car is a good idea. Do you want to know why? Ethanol-based fluids last for about three months, and a stabilizer is added to prevent corrosion in fuel lines & engines. Put the stabilizer in your gas tank only when it is full to reap maximum benefits from it. It’s vital to change oil and perform oil filter replacement of your vehicle; also, fill the fluid levels before keeping it in storage.

Clean & Deodorize the Interior

There are numerous approaches one can adopt to make the car look spick and span. Make sure that emphasis is laid on Upholstery and car odors. Add leather sprays if your car seats are made of leather and wait for them to dry; after that, apply lots of conditioners. Try to keep the eatables away from your car. If a foul smell is causing irritation for a while, investing in an odor eliminator would be the best course of action. You can get it from any online car parts and accessories store.

Keep the Battery Maintainer If Storage Persists for a Month

Battery maintainers fall under “Battery Maintainers” that operate periodically. You can attach the maintainer to the car’s battery for some time. In case you have sound technical knowledge connecting the maintainer to the external region of the car is advised. Ensure that you invest in a top-quality car maintainer, and consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best approach if you don’t know how to deal with your car.

Car Cover

Car Cover

Buying a car cover is the most important step. If you’ve parked your vehicle outside, ensure that the cover is waterproof & made of optimum quality material. Also, it covers your car from every side to prevent the entry of external objects. The car covers cost generally range between $25(Universal Fit Cover) and $300(high-quality cover prevents moisture entry).

Before placing the car cover, it’s important to keep the car windows and doors closed also keep the valuable belongings abreast. Keep the antenna on the floor of your car’s passenger seat or trunk so as to reinstall it again.

The Bottom Line

Storing the car properly would keep it intact and boost its longevity. Associate with an authentic store while purchasing something for your vehicle to make your car run smoothly.

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