How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

Whether you’re planning to enhance the aesthetics of your car or keep sunlight away from your vehicle, it can be achieved with the help of window tinting, Before getting into the job it’s important to know the window tinting cost. This guide covers everything related to car tinting with the price to make the buying decision hassle-free for you:

Average Window Tinting Cost


Tinting the coupe is a cheap option when windows are small. Tinting a single-window costs around $50.The car tinting cost would fall anywhere between $200 to $600.You need to pay extra charges between $100 to $300 while installing the windshield.



The cost of a Sedan would be similar to most of the coupes as the windows aren’t quite big. You will be spending anywhere between $50-$150 for window tinting. Installing them on all sides with the rear window would cost anywhere between $200 to $600.Install a windshield, and the cost will escalate up to $100 to $300.  


The truck tinting cost depends on the length of the truck and how many windows are to be tinted. If you own a standard cab truck, the cost would be between $150 to $450, including the sides and back. In the case of an extended cab truck, the charges are between $200 to $550, and a crew cab would levy charges between $250 to $600.For windshield tinting, you’re expected to pay between $150 to $300.  



SUV tinting is carried out keeping the size in mind. The cost of a small crossover is similar to a coupe or sedan, while a big SUV would increase the bill. Large SUVs are bigger than trucks and vans. The price of tinting the sides and back are between $200 to $800, while the windshield work costs between $100 to $350.



If you own a large passenger van, the cost might increase. The mechanic would levy a car tinting cost that is anywhere between $250 to $1,000, including the window sides and back. You can get the windshield tinted in case it’s legal in your state. An additional charge of $150 to $350 will be added to your total bill.

Factors Impacting the Car Window Tinting Price

Vehicle Type

One cannot deny the fact that the smaller the windows are, the lower their cost will be. This is so because less material is used, and the labor cost is minimum. This isn’t the case every time and working with certain cars is an arduous task even if they’re smaller. For instance, Tesla model 3 comes with a glass roof which is more expensive than an average sunroof. In certain cases, you’re expected to pay extra, or the car installation might take longer than expected.

Tint Type

Pick the one that matches your needs from a wide variety of tints each of them has a different cost. If you’re looking for cheap options, consider dyed window tint; otherwise, go for carbon or ceramic options. To get better results, go for higher-quality automotive tint, which would increase the cost. If you’re looking for something expensive, consider buying the ceramic ones.

If the tints bought from the local shop are burning a hole in your pocket, associate with reputed online car parts and accessories stores like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ & save money. The best part about the store is all the parts will be delivered in a day without making you compromise on quality.

Tint Removal

It is important for car owners to consider what is to be removed from the car. Sometimes it is a factory tint, or the windows tinted earlier need to be removed. Sometimes it is difficult to remove tints with a gluey or sticky substance. The technicians would need some extra time to complete the job. In case there is no tint, it would simplify the job of the technicians and would clean the surface thoroughly.


The place from where you get the vehicle tinted affects the car tinting price. Performing the car tinting by yourself has some disadvantages. However, you can make the process hassle-free by interviewing several installers to find out the best fit for the job. Their quality of work can be determined by the clients they’ve dealt with and projects handled by them in the past.

Difference Between DIY vs. Professional Car Window Tinting

Tint bought from the local store would cost approx 10 Dollars. You can buy it and perform a DIY job by yourself. Inserting a DIY tint needs some special skills and tools to do the job. Ensure that whatever you apply is legal in your state; otherwise, the job will be full of bubbling and imperfections. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to perform it, taking them to a qualified mechanic to get what you want is the best course of action.

The Bottom Line

Tinting the car windows would enhance the appearance of your car and prevent the entry of contaminants and sunlight. You can perform the tint job by yourself or get in touch with experts performing car tinting near me.

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