Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Drive Shaft

The power received from the engine makes the turning and movement possible for them. This power transfer from the engine to the car’s rear wheels has been made possible due to the driveshaft(also known as the propeller shaft or prop shaft).

If you have a front-wheel vehicle, then the power is delivered by half-shaft to the wheels, while in the case of a four-wheel-drive, both front and rear wheels must get power to run smoothly. Like other components, you will encounter issues such as a bad or a failing driveshaft. This article highlights the signs of the bad or failing driveshaft that needs to be replaced over time. Compare the driveshaft replacement cost levied by different stores and purchase the one that matches your requirements:

Detailed Working of Driveshaft

Detailed Working of Driveshaft

The vehicle movement is possible due to the driveshaft that connects the rear differential to the vehicle’s engine and transmission. It is a mechanical component that looks like a tube or cylinder that transfers power to the differential. This is how the wheels of the car come into motion.

The driveshaft stretches from the front transmission to the rear differential. Flexibility is offered by U joints present at both ends of the driveshaft. It allows the driveshaft to flex while driving over bumps, potholes, and other obstacles on the road.

The rear wheels won’t get power if there’s no driveshaft inside the car. Driveshaft undergoes damages only when there is a serious accident. These deteriorate over time, and signs of the failing driveshaft can be spotted without any hassle.

Signs of a Bad Driveshaft

Bad Driveshaft

A car would run smoothly with a well-functioning driveshaft. However, in case the driveshaft goes bad, it will show numerous bad driveshaft symptoms and have been highlighted as follows:

Issues while Turning

 A bad driveshaft gives rise to turning issues. It would inhibit the wheels from getting proper torque due to the U joint issue that takes place at the end of the driveshaft. Turning the vehicle becomes a concern due to additional resistance. Once you come to know that the driveshaft is the root cause of the issue, you have to replace it sooner; otherwise, it may lead to an accident.

Squeaking Noises

If you’ve noticed a squeaking sound that isn’t going away, it’s time to inspect the driveshaft. It could be due to worn-out internal components like bushings or bearings present within the shaft or U joint or an imbalance in the shaft. The noise surges as you drive speedily.

Issues in Rotating the U Joint

The driveshaft has a U joint that moves at a steady pace. If the rotations don’t take place too quickly, you will experience issues with your driveshaft. For example, you would end up with a bad U joint or rust on the seals of the cap. At times complete driveshaft replacement will eliminate all these concerns.

Clunking Sounds

As a driveshaft fails, you will encounter clunking sounds once you step on a gas pedal or drive reverse. This could be an addition to the squeaking sounds that you’ve normally been observing. It’s time to determine the driveshaft replacement cost and replace it as quickly as possible to prevent worsening issues.


With a worn-out driveshaft, you’ll hear vibrations from beneath the car. These vibrations accompanied by other symptoms indicate that the old shaft needs to be replaced with a new one. In addition, at times, you’ll notice that the shaft bushings have worn out that hold the shaft in place. These issues lead to vibrations and damage the shaft to a great extent.

Shuddering While Accelerating

You might experience shuddering or shaking while accelerating from a slow or stopping speed. It is due to worn U joint or center bearing driveshaft that strange noises will follow. Get the vehicle inspected by a qualified technician or fix all the bad driveshaft issues yourself.

How Much Does Driveshaft Replacement Cost?

Driveshaft Replacement of the front engine and rear-wheel vehicle depends on the make and model of the vehicle. However, you’re expected to pay anywhere between $400 to $1,260 in total and $2000 in case of certain cars. Parts cost will be between $300-$1000, which would take 1 to 2 hours, while the labor costs are between $100 -$260.

You can save money on hefty repairs by purchasing your own top-quality and durable driveshaft and parts from well-established stores selling automotive parts for cars, SUVs, and trucks ‘The Auto Parts Shop’. The best part is that the axle of appropriate fitment is delivered to you at nominal rates.

The Bottom Line

Driveshaft undergoes failure and damage over time. A thorough inspection accompanied by a driveshaft replacement would eradicate these issues.

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