How Much Should 4 New Brakes Cost?


The braking system helps us stay safe on the roads. When pressed, these systems help you stop the car in a split of a second, thereby preventing incidents and accidents. As vehicle owners, we often take brake systems for granted and don’t pay enough attention when something happens to them. Negligence would be putting everyone’s life in danger, and consulting the experts performing brake pad replacement would resolve the issues in no time.

Brake pa What Does a Braking System Consist of?

Different components work together to help your brakes perform optimally. The system sounds very complicated but maintaining it isn’t that difficult as it seems to be. Here is everything you must know about parts of the brake system, along with their functionality:

Master Cylinder

Hydraulic pressure to the braking system is generally supplied using a master cylinder. It is located at the engine’s compartment, and the fluid is generally added using a removable cap.

Brake Pads


Brake pads generally lie in the middle of the rotor and caliper. It helps to reduce the level of metal-to-metal friction. However, the moment the brakes are applied driver comes across screeching sounds which clearly indicate an issue in the brake pads. These pads degrade over time, and it’s time to determine the new brake pads cost before installing them.

Brake Calipers


Behind the smooth functioning of the brake caliper lies the brake calipers that slow the wheel spinning and reduce the vehicle’s speed. An illuminating check engine light or car moving to either side of the road clearly indicates a brake caliper issue.

Brake Rotors


Brake rotors are circular discs attached to every wheel and convert kinetic energy into heat energy.

Brake Lines


The overall performance and brake function of the vehicle can be enhanced using brake lines. Unfortunately, leaking fluids are the signs of bad brake lines. Sometimes the issue gets so worse that one needs to take it to the mechanic who estimates new brakes cost.

Signs of Problematic Brake System

Like other car parts, brake systems are susceptible to wear and tear. Driving with problematic brakes can put your life in danger. The following signs indicate the driver of an issue and brake pad replacement performed by the mechanic can resolve these issues in no time:

An Illuminating Brake Light

An illuminating brake light gives the driver about a potential issue. These issues can be identified using the dashboard. The parking brake is the underlying cause of the issue, and it’s time to start searching for a mechanic that performs brake pad replacement near me.

Squealing Noises from the Car

At times sounds produced by the brakes aren’t an issue. At times foreign objects get accumulated within the brakes. Brake pad indicators become the root cause of the problem. At times the bits of metal come in contact with the rotor producing a high-pitched noise, and replacement would fix the issues in no time.

Wobbling or Vibrations Taking Place While Braking

An uneven thickness in the rotor makes the vehicle shake or vibrate. Brake rotors are large discs located inside the wheels. The moment the brakes are pressed, the pad material transfers to the rotor surface. In case the pad material transfers in an uneven way, it leads to vibrations the moment the brakes are applied. Therefore, it’s time to devote your attention to the face of the rotor or make it even so that the vehicle doesn’t wobble the moment you apply brakes. If the rotors have undergone excessive wear and tear, brake pad replacement will resolve the issues in no time.

Leaky Fluid

A lot of processes happen the moment you apply brakes. The main thing is the brake fluid that creates hydraulic pressure against the caliper. It is impossible to stop a car with no brake fluid. Therefore, it is important to inspect the vehicle’s brake fluid often and take the issues seriously in case there is a leak or decline.

Soft or Spongy Brakes

You apply brakes to feel some resistance. In case the soft pedal moves towards the floorboard, it is because the moisture has entered inside it. Sometimes issues in the master cylinder are the reason behind the problem. Getting inside the Les Schwab will give you a detailed analysis of the issue. 

How Much Does 4 New Brakes Cost?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the exact answer to the question. Every mechanic levies a different hourly rate, and every part is sold individually. The new brake pads cost between $35-$150, which includes all four wheels. Labor costs are generally between $80-$120, which becomes a total of $115-$270 per axle. Calipers are an expensive part of the brakes and cost up to $130 or even more. Everything in the brake job would cost you around $1000, which would burn a hole in your pocket. You can save money by determining the cost of 4 new brakes from a trusted store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ and watching the DIY videos to resolve the issues yourself. However, If you don’t want to take any risks with your car, start looking for qualified technicians who can perform replacement tasks for you.

The Bottom Line

Driving with poorly working brakes can be dangerous for everyone’s life. Brake pad replacement from the mechanic or by yourself would fix the issues in no time.

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