How to Eliminate and Fit Tailgate Gas Struts?

Gas struts are one of the most significant car parts. These components are commonly replaced by car enthusiasts after you take the car for improvements to the mechanic who would eliminate the worn-out ones and replace them with new ones. This article discusses specific kinds of replacement carried out on tailgate struts. Strut replacement often becomes a concern without sound technical knowledge. This doesn’t mean that it’s difficult and cannot be performed without the intervention of the mechanic. This guide simplifies and offers step by step process of tailgate strut replacement for you:

What are Gas Struts?

Gas struts have been a part of the vehicle for several decades. These are primarily installed within the tailgate, and Bonnet along with the boot lid of the car. The gas is compressed within the cylinder which is then moved to the piston to dissipate the force from it. As the gas struts lose pressure their efficiency also drops down. They require regassing to perform optimally and the process is generally performed by a qualified technician. An inefficient or damaged strut leads to a drop in car value. Tailgate light struts need to be replaced to help the vehicle perform optimally.

Why Does Your Tailgate Need Gas Struts?

Tailgate gas strut replacement is performed due to numerous reasons:

1. Safety: A free-falling strut might become a safety concern for the driver or the passengers.

2. Protects your Vehicle: The tailgate stays intact due to mounting brackets and a thin cable.A failing tailgate often damages the components.

3. Used without any Hassle: Raising and lowering the tailgate light struts won’t be a hassle for those struggling with strength, bone, or joint issues.

4. Worn Out Strut Replacement: Worn out struts are unreliable and must be performed due to the reasons stated above.

4 Step Tailgate Strut Removal Process

Removing the Tailgate strut is a four step process. Take one step at a time in which the existing one is eliminated and the new one is installed in its place:

Remove the Old Struts

Initially, While performing tailgate strut replacement old struts are taken out. Gas struts must be secured to the gates via 2 bolts. One through the tailgate hinge bracket and the second one acts as an anchor to the safety cable and the strut. Lower your tailgate and take out the oversized tailgate strut eyelet present at the anchor bolt. Bring your tailgate down to a resting position. Carefully take out the nut connected to the tailgate hinge bracket and separate the strut from the mounting bolt.

Remove Bolts

You need to eliminate a few bolts before installing a new gas strut to the car. Bring your tailgate down and detach the tailgate safety cable from the car’s body. Don’t miss out on the anchor bolt attached to the safety cable.

Take Out the Upper Mounting Bolt

Upper Mounting Bolt

Now that the old struts and bolts have been removed it’s time to take out the tailgate hinge bracket that mounts the bolt to the tailgate. This is an important step that must be carried out before new tailgate light struts are installed inside the car.

Replace Two Bolts with New One

Insert a small piston eyelet to the new hinge bracket mounted on the bolt and fit it using a locking nut. Try to resecure your tailgate safety cable and make sure that the large eyelet of the strut is connected to the same bolt. You will notice that the cable will fold up within the tailgate strut and can be kept intact using a foam cushion thereby keeping the existing strut free from damage.

Once you perform the process, tailgate struts replacement would be a matter of minutes for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tailgate Gas Struts

Buying Tailgate Gas Struts

Enter the make, year, and model of the car to find the struts that fit perfectly in your car. Keep the size and measurements in mind in case you’ve purchased premade struts. Calculate the length in millimetres from the centre of the mounting bracket, ball, or eyelet both in a compressed and uncompressed manner. Take the size of the mounting hardware and refer to the handy guide in case of issues.

Where to Buy Reasonable Gas Struts From?

Local shops have limited stock of gas struts and buying a tailgate gas strut often becomes a hassle for car enthusiasts. This isn’t the case with online car parts and accessories store The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing a wide variety of top-quality and reasonable parts to you. You just need to enter the make, year, and model to find the right part.

The Bottom Line

s is a simple process and can be carried out after watching DIY videos. However, if you don’t want to take risks buy optimum quality tailgate struts and get the new ones installed in the car.

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