How to Eliminate Car’s Stuck or Stripped Lug Nut?

As you try to separate the wheel from the car, you would come across a component technically known as a stripped or stuck lug nut. It needs to be taken out while you’re facing issues with your car. However, you can eliminate it by implementing multiple ways, and experts at the reputed online car parts and accessories store The Auto Parts Shop‘ have come up with some tips for you:

Why Do Lug Nuts Get Stripped?

Corrosion & Rust

Corrosion & Rust

Wheel lug nuts are susceptible to corrosion and rust. These generally come across moisture and elements due to which corrosion and rust start appearing on them. As the corrosion takes place, the lug nuts start degrading, and removing them becomes a task for many.

Using a Wrong Socket

You’re able to take the lug nut out only by using the right socket. If you don’t have it, the stripped lug nut starts slipping as you try to remove them. Slipping the socket leads to more damage, and your inability to take it out this time would create more trouble the next time. There is no benefit to driving with a socket that is worn out and old also, and socket replacement would mitigate the issues to a great extent. This would save you from further issues and costly repairs.

Incorrect Torque

Every lug nut needs to be tightened to factory-recommended specifications. You can get the exact idea of torque measurements from the vehicle’s manual. The lug nut would be struck if not tightened to a certain amount. If you possess sound technical knowledge, you can perform lug nut replacement by yourself or take the car to a qualified mechanic.

How to Take a Stuck or Stripped Lug Nut Out?

With the help of an extractor socket, hammer, and brake bar, you can take the struck or stripped lug nut out of your car. If these methods don’t take the struck lug nut out, try to use the handheld grinder and a wrench. In case you have a screwdriver, hammer, and chisel in place, you can use them to separate the lug nut from the car.

Try incorporating the following ways to eliminate the lug nut from the car:

Extractor Socket/Hammer/Breaker Bar

This method delivers the result you expect most of the time. The tools that you need for your job are generally found in the garage of your house. This task won’t accomplish without tools like a breaker bar, penetrating oil, hammer, and a nut extractor socket. Before commencing the process, ensure that you park the car on a flat surface. Use wheel chocks and emergency brakes to keep yourself safe. You can hit the long socket in the lug nut first by hitting it numerous times using a big hammer. You can eliminate it completely using a regular socket.

Keep your fingers and check your rims during the process.

After numerous hits:

1. Take the socket out and place the nut extractor socket instead.

2. Bang a socket using a hammer until it becomes tight and offers an excellent grip. Once the breaker bar is attached to the socket, the force to handle it must be applied.

3. Ensure that it is moved counterclockwise so that the stripped lug nut comes out.



If you want to perform the steps quickly, you can use a blowtorch. Apart from a Blowtorch, you may need a wheel spanner or pliers to hold the lug nut while it’s hot. Avoid using the oil during the process as the heat produced will ultimately lead to fire hazards.

Heat the nut using a blowtorch and perform these steps if the nut lug doesn’t come out. There is one drawback of implementing this method; applying it would damage the paint of the rims, and this is why other methods are preferred over it.



You need to apply some penetrating oil while carrying out this step. Ensure that it is well-absorbed before the rust is taken out of the vehicle. With a handheld grinder, creates edges with your nut and grab it using a wrench. Grab it safely until it becomes loose. With aluminum rims performing the lug nut replacement with the help of a grinder becomes a difficult task. Make sure that you try other methods before implementing this one.



If other methods fail, you can try this one. Sometimes we’re out of ideas, and this method becomes the only way of stuck lug nut removal. You need a screwdriver, hammer, and chisel with penetrating oil to make it an effortless task. Wait for the oil to absorb, and the lug nut will be free from corrosion.

How Much Does Lug Nut Replacement Cost?

The lug nut replacement generally falls between $73 and $89.Labor costs are charged separately and are between $61 and $77.Individual parts are $12.Tax, fees, and vehicle specifications with unique locations aren’t included in the cost. You can perform lug nut replacement by purchasing parts from online car parts and accessories stores like ‘The Auto Parts Shop which brings authentic parts to you.

The Bottom Line

The methods listed above would take the stripped lug nut on the car out safely. Ensure that you get a quality lug nut in case the old one has become old and worn out. Consult a qualified mechanic for a lug nut replacement or do it yourself if you’ve sound technical knowledge.

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