How to Install Grille Guards on Cars?


Did you know that as per the survey conducted between 1995-2015, front-end collisions were the prominent cause of accidents? We can do nothing about road accidents, but steps to keep the car safe from such incidents can be taken. This is only possible if you install grille guards on your car to safeguard the vehicle from collisions.

Benefits Of Buying a Grille Guard

Benefits Of Buying a Grille Guard

Grille guards improve the aesthetics of the car and add a complete layer of protection to mounting areas like auxiliary lights and wenches. Besides this, installing the best grille guards offers the following benefits when installed on the car:

1. A Grille Guard is made so that it deflects and absorbs the impact and energy to prevent the passengers and vehicles from external damage.

2. Grille guards help the car look different and give it a tougher look. Grille guards are available in various finishes such as gloss black, chrome, matte black, and others that match the style, color, and theme of your car.

3. These come in various shapes and sizes. You can use it to cover the entire radiator area or complete front-end grill guards.

4. You can use it to install other crucial accessories like wench using which someone stuck in the car can be taken out or assists you while driving at night.

Step by Step Guide of Grille Guard Installation

Step by Step Guide of Grille Guard Installation

Step 1: Installing the Lower Bracket

First of all, find the pre-drilled holes present in the frame of the car. These holes assist you while towing using the hook. The next thing is unbolting and setting them loose using a penetrating solvent. In some cars, you’ll come across black color plastic filler, and these plugs can be taken out using a flathead screwdriver. You’ll notice bolt plates on the grille guard and lower bracket on plates must be fixed instead of the car frame.

Important Note: The position of lower brackets depends on the type of car along with its design.

Step 2: Make a Pass-Through Hole in the Bumper

The next step is fitting the grille guard at the center of the Bumper. This step asks you to seek someone’s assistance. Find the center position of the grille guard and put a mark on it. The ideal tool that can be used for marking is the portable saw, die grinder, or cutting wheel grinder. Next, place the Bumper at the lower bracket to determine its fitting and is shaped in a way that it fits properly.

Step 3: Fixing Upper Mount Bracket of the Car

The brackets are generally placed below the bumper levels or between the frontal grille guard openings. Sometimes the bracket end doesn’t get within the grille slot; try inserting it from behind. Once you’ve installed the grille’s upper and lower brackets, ensure that they’re appropriately aligned and centered. Now it’s time to keep the nuts and bolts tight.

Step 4: Installation of Winch along with Guard Piece

Certain grilles, like bull bars, come with a mounting winch. The moment you notice these issues try to fix the support tray present on the winch of the car frame. The process is similar to bolting the grille on the grille guard. Initially, install the lower bracket and connect it with the tray. Next, the upper brackets must be bolted and tightened appropriately.

Step 5: Find the License Plate

The grille guard is generally inhibited by the license plate present at the car’s front. You just need to invest in the relocator bracket after buying attach it beneath the relocator. Sometimes, the original license plate needs to be replaced with a new bracket. Place the new bracket at the back of the grille and continue installing the base at the guard piece. Sometimes the bars causing the blockade try to keep them beneath the arms of the bracket. Finally, keep the license placed on the tabs visible to you.

Where to Buy Grille Guards From?

The grille guard cost of every vehicle is distinct. Some of them are sold for $200.For those looking for high-quality ones, the price range would stretch upto $500.However, you can save money and still have a Grille on your vehicle. You just need to get quality parts from stores selling car parts and accessories online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that are sold at nominal rates.

The Bottom Line

Grill Guard installation is a simple process; you need to follow the step-by-step guide. Missing any step would impede the installation process. Consulting a reputed car parts and accessories store online would help you find the right Grille Guard for your car.

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