Everything You Must Know About Engine Oil


Car engines are complicated machines operating at different temperature range. To help the engine operate smoothly, it must be topped up with optimum quality engine oil. Engine oil isn’t just used for car lubrication and cooling but also degrades the parts. Here is every single thing that you must know about it along with engine oil price, a significant factor that must be considered before getting one for your car:

Numbers and Letters on the Bottle of Oil

Numbers and Letters on the Bottle of Oil

The numbers present on the bottle of the engine are the SAE viscosity at varying temperatures. For instance, 5W-40 5 is the SAE viscosity rating when the engine is cool, and W for winter.40 is the temperature revealed by the engine when it’s at optimum temperature. After heating, the engine oil gets thinner, and less thinning occurs in multi-grade oils during working temperature. This helps the engine stay at a constant temperature.

Why Must Engine Oil be Changed After a While?

As the oil burns, it takes toxic substances along with it. Changing the engine oil means getting rid of the contaminants inside and replenishing the additives that safeguard the engine.

What is There in Engine Oil?

Every engine oil has distinct ingredients. Many engines have 75-90% of base oil remaining percentage is of other additives that help maintain the viscosity of oil as the temperature increases.

How to Distinguish Between Conventional & Synthetic Oil?

Engine oil comes with a conventional or a synthetic base. The one with a conventional base is refined the crude oil, while the base of synthetic oil follows the process of chemical engineering. The extra process helps to enhance the quality of the engine oil.

How Compatible are Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

How Compatible are Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Synthetic oil has conventional oil, which is added within base oil. Engine manufacturers spend a lot of time testing the oil for its compatibility with other brands. You can add oils of varied viscosity within the car or the ones with similar viscosity ratings.

Can We Add Synthetic Oil to any Car?

Whether you have a performance car or a runabout, old or new, high or low-performance car, synthetic oil can be added to any car.

How Often Should the Engine Oil be Changed?

Conventional oil must be changed after covering 3000 miles. The synthetic blend or full-synthetic oil the oil changes must take place between 7,500 to 15,000 miles. You can take the car to the manufacturer for service to get it changed and determine the kind of oil that must be added to the car. Determine engine oil replacement price before hiring a mechanic for your job.

What is ‘Engine Sludge’?

As the engine moves, by-products released after the combustion process leads to engine contamination. These contaminants accumulate to form a stronger sludge that settles beneath the engine. The use of low-quality oils, changing the engine oil, and poor maintenance lead to sludge formation within the engine.

How Much Does Engine Oil Cost?

The average engine oil price depends on its size and the type of oil it requires. Synthetic oil change falls between $50-$75.These charges keep on fluctuating every now and then. However, you can save money by getting quality engine oil from reputed car parts and accessories stores online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’The Auto Parts Shop brings quality engine oil at affordable rates to you.

Can I Change Engine Oil By Myself?

Changing the engine oil by yourself would cost less than giving it to a professional. All you need to know is the right technique and the kind of oil your car needs. There is one drawback of it there is hardly any information about the car’s service history, and you may face difficulties while selling the car. If you don’t want to take any risk giving it to the mechanic would be the best course of action.

The Bottom Line

Engine oil helps the engine with its parts run smoothly, and investing in quality oil would pay you in the years to come. If you don’t possess adequate knowledge, get guidance from experts at car parts and accessories stores online.

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