What is Safety Glass and How it Works?


History of Safety Glass

History of Safety Glass

In 1903, Edouard Benedictus was experimenting with a glass flask in his laboratory. This is when he came up with the idea of adding a transparent coating to one of the flasks. He came in contact with the flask, and it fell down. Surprisingly, the flask didn’t break into fragments; also, the glass wasn’t as sharp as expected. It hardly hurt the moment they were tested for sharpness. This was when he realized that a protective coating prevented it from breaking into pieces. The glass patent was proposed in 1909.

These patents didn’t receive any attention from the automakers as it was costly and involved a lot of labor work. Shatterproof glass dominated the industry during that time, and automobile experts realized its value. This glass was installed in the cars and took responsibility for keeping the vehicle and the passengers safe while driving. Automotive experts highly recommend the installation of safety glass.

What Exactly is a Safety Glass?

Automobile safety glass is generally installed on the car windows as it doesn’t break into tiny pieces as it breaks. Instead, it crushes into small pieces after coming in contact with the pebbles. The best part is that these pieces aren’t as sharp as the glass on the mirror. Even those sitting inside the car will have fewer chances of getting injured. Automotive experts have divided safety glass in cars into two categories laminated and tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass was introduced in 1927 and is normally placed on the vehicle’s sunroof or windshield. Laminated glass is made of various materials, including glass on which excess amounts of pressure and heat are applied. Some of them have PVB or polyvinyl butyral, a clear, thin, and flexible layer of plastic film. When the glass breaks, it is the PVB that keeps it intact.

Laminated glass offers the following benefits to car enthusiasts:

1. Blocks UV radiation by 97%

2. It safeguards the drivers from High-frequency sounds

3. It stays intact even when it hits Tornado, or an earthquake takes place

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass goes through heating followed by the process of rapid cooling. This process is known as quenching; the glass is heated at a temperature of 1200 °F after heating, followed by sudden cooled. This process makes it way stronger and breaking it becomes difficult. This type of glass was designed for passengers as it turns into pieces like pebble fragments when it collides with an object. They don’t have sharp edges, thus minimizing the chances of getting injured.

Tempered Glass Serves Several Purposes apart from their installation in the car as follows:

1. Oven doors

2. LCDs or Liquid crystal displays

3. Protects the Doors from Storms

4. Computer Monitors

5. Refrigerated shelf

6. Skylights

Tempered Glass with Lamination

Some automakers have installed laminated tempered glass in their cars. Combining two processes is a challenge in itself. It is important to get a glass with the correct PVB thickness; otherwise, the glass would be of no use. When done appropriately, it is going to benefit you in the long run.

When It’s Time to Replace the Car’s Safety Glass?

Safety glass replacement follows a simple rule if you suspect cracks anywhere on the glass know that it’s time to replace it. You can carry safety glass replacement immediately or after some time perform to keep yourself safe while driving.

Don’t forget to keep the safety glass replacement price in mind as there is no use in paying more than its actual cost.

Where to Buy Safety Glass From?

You can purchase car safety glass from a local store near you. If you don’t have knowledge about the price, you will spend more than its actual price. Also, you’ll come across limited options at a local store. However, this isn’t the case with stores selling car parts and accessories online. Safety glass from Autoparts would be of high-quality and authentic also are sold at affordable price.

The Bottom Line

Safety glass protects you from external influences that will impede your driving. Invest in quality glass and drive on the road without any obstacles.

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