How to Jumpstart your Car?


You are heading for an important meeting and come across a dead battery that frustrates you early in the morning. Maybe you forgot to turn the car lights off that has drained all the car’s battery. These situations arise anytime, and jumpstart can resolve these issues in no time. The question is, what’s the right way to jumpstart a vehicle?. Before knowing the jumpstarting techniques, let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind the draining car battery:

Why Does Car Battery Drain Out?

Several reasons drain the car battery fast and have been highlighted as follows:

Car Headlights on While Parking

Car Headlights On While Parking

We intentionally or unintentionally forget to turn the car headlights off after parking it at times. Modern cars come with pre-installed alarms that set them off. The moment the car door is opened, the headlights are still on, which the drivers must take seriously.

Extending the Charging Time of Electronic Devices

Most of the battery of the car is generally drawn by electronic devices. Leaving them as it is or forgetting to separate it from the charging devices would extract the battery inside your car.

Leaving the Music System On

Leaving the Music System On

Turning the music system on while you’re outside talking to your friend is again a big mistake. Leaving the system as it is and keeping the key inside the car would empty the car battery.

The Need to Jumpstart the Car

The car battery initiates the ignition process in the car. The moment the car is ignited, the motors receive heavy current. In simple terms, the car’s starter motor needs a current to function, which is generally supplied by the battery. The moment you jumpstart the car battery, it is supplied with extra electric current to run smoothly. This is why jumpstart is an effective way to help your car run smoothly.

Benefits of Jumpstart

Imagine you’re standing in the middle of the road and don’t know what to do.However,You just have to jumpstart the car to resume your driving.Jumpstart offers the following benefits to the car drivers:

Keeps You Safe

If you’re stranded in the middle of the road keeping yourself and your car safe should be your topmost priority.A faulty alternator or other issues makes the battery die out completely.The moment you jumpstart a car it starts running promptly and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Jumpstart Won’t Damage the Car

Battery helps the different car components run smoothly.A faulty battery would impede the working of the car parts.Even an improper jumpstart would degrade these vehicles.Therefore,its vital to consult a qualified mechanic and prevent the car parts from further damage.

Helps Determine the Root Cause of the Issue

It is the battery or the starter which is the underlying cause of a dead battery.Sometimes these problems take place due to disconnected battery cables, a faulty alternator, or even an engine problem may be the issue.It’s better to determine the root cause behind the dead battery.

Simple Ways to Jumpstart the Car

If you have been jumpstarting your car incorrectly until now, change the technique, and you’ll succeed.Implement simple ways that have been listed as follows:

  1. Ensure that both the vehicles are on before beginning the procedure.
  2. Attach the red cable, i.e., the positive end to the terminal with “POS” or “+” written on the dead battery.
  3. Connect the other end of the terminal to the car with a good battery.
  4. Connect the negative end of the black terminal to the good battery’s negative terminal.
  5. Once you have accomplished these steps, note this step carefully! Connect the second end of the black cable under the hood where the car is not painted.
  6. Start the vehicle with a good battery for about 2 to 3 mins.
  7. Start the dead car and take the cables out.
  8. Don’t turn the dead car off and help it run for about 30 mins so that it recharges properly.

Despite the best efforts, if your car battery isn’t working properly, a qualified mechanic would do the needful. The car’s inability to start clearly indicates a battery issue, and a car battery replacement would resume your car’s working.

Why Let the Car with a Dead Battery Run?

Allowing the car to run means providing the power to the car to give the alternator the power to run smoothly. Wait for it to recharge for about 30 minutes to help it start.

The Bottom Line

When incorporated in the right manner, Jumpstarting helps supply power to the battery for its operation. You need to follow the steps listed above to help jumpstart the car in the right way.

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