How to Wash & Protect Your Wrapped Ride?

Everyone wants that their vehicle to look aesthetically appealing. This is why they undergo wrapping jobs from time to time. These jobs are costly, so one must put his best foot forward to protect them. Experts at reputed car parts and accessories online-store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ has highlighted ways that you can incorporate to protect wrapped ride as follows:

Difference Between Wrap and Paint

Wrap and Paint

Vinyl wraps are applied to the external regions and perform the same as paint. It safeguards the vehicle’s exterior and makes it look colorful. There are certain similarities between them. The vehicle’s sheet metal is permanently bonded using the automotive paint. Vinyl is a chemical mix, but the solution is cast under the sheet when the liquids evaporate. Modern vinyl vehicles are 3 to 4 mm thick that offers complete wrap ride protection with a simple installation process.

How to Wash a Wrap?

A wrap isn’t car paint, and several car washing techniques are applied here. Most car washing techniques do wonders on a wrapped car, and precautionary measures must be kept in mind:

Don’t Work on Clean the Warp When It’s Hot

The car would be washed and wrapped in sunlight. Heat expects Vinyl to be more flexible, and cleaning the hot hood leads to abrasions or makes it unsightly scuffed. Park the car in the shade or wait for the car to cool down before performing any warping on it.

Start by Soaking the Warp

Initiate the process by soaking a Vinyl wrap. This process takes you to the next step in removing contaminants and big clumps. Next, take a microfiber wash mitt or a time-tested any of them can wash the paint off.

Keep the Product Quality in Mind

 Product Quality

Buy a good quality car wash soap from customers trusted car parts and accessories online-store The Auto Parts Shop‘before taking the process further. It must be two in one shampoo with a conditioner than just a cleaner. It will help the wrap stay for a long span of time. You can take advantage of the foam cannon to wash the warped car. Since it is made of touchless material so soap leads to the least possible disturbance to the Warp.

Rinse Gently

Rinse the car by applying low pressure.

Dry Like Normal

Dry as if the vehicle the car has been freshly painted. Use a soft microfiber towel or chamois. A leaf blower or an air compressor would dry 90% of your car.

How To Protect a Wrap?

The following ways will keep your wrapped ride protected:

1. Use a wax of your choice as a solid paste is confined to gloss wrap.

2. Spray and liquid finishes would do wonders on all wrap finishes. Go through the bottle and check whether they’re approved for matte and satin vinyl finishes or not.

3. Take one panel at a time, which would save the ends of the wrap from lifts. Do it on the entire car once and eliminate the Vinyl edges before wrapping.

4. Excess wax forms around the wrap edge leading to an unsightly line on it. Take a degreasing dish soap to eliminate the built-up and rinse thoroughly:

Get rid of bird droppings and other environmental damage as quickly as possible. Spray ones offer quick clean-up and make the car look shining.

Leave the polishing compound and eliminate extra scratches with swirls by parking it under the direct sunlight. The Vinyl will expand and fill the hot scratches.

What Not to Do While Washing a Wrap?

1. Try not to wash when the car is hot

2. Don’t opt for automatic car washes

3. Avoid using a pressure washer

4. Avoid using a clay bar on a wrap

The Bottom Line

Keep the vehicle-wrapped ride protected to keep the curb appeal intact. Try not to perform the process under the sun and invest in quality products to keep the car’s look intact.

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