Magnetic Shocks and Struts: How They Work and Why You Need Them?

Things evolve slowly in the automobile industry, and it’s uncommon for one company to entirely outperform everyone else in a certain technology. However, when Skunkworks-silent engineering meets strong patent protection, the consequence may be either an industry-wide revolution, a comedy of mistakes as others strive to catch up, or both.

Before acquiring an automobile, we all search for two things: comfort and safety. Magnetic shock absorbers and struts are often used in the car industry to improve handling and overall safety when travelling in a vehicle. The phrases  struts & shocks are sometimes used interchangeably. Though both contribute to a smoother ride, they are not the same and operate in distinct ways.

Let’s go exploring.

What are Magnetic Shocks & Struts exactly?

Magnetic struts and shocks are constructed out of a monotube damper filled with magnetorheological fluid, which is a blend of artificial hydrocarbon oil and rapidly magnetised iron particles. The system is kept functioning by a sensor setup as well as an Electronic Control Unit.

How Do They Work? 

A signal is transmitted to the ECU if the automobile sensors detect a shift in road conditions. The electromagnetic current intensity necessary for each shock is then determined by the ECU. When the magnetic coils are turned on, they induce a magnetic field which swiftly magnetises the magnetic particles, raising the thickness of the magneto – rheological fluid as well as the stiffness of the suspension.

Your shocks and struts may be broken if you feel like you’re going down the street in a bobsled rather than a car, or if you’re sitting in a damaged massage chair.

Driving with worn shocks or struts is quite dangerous. When driving on wet or slick roads, faulty struts and shocks can shorten stopping distance. “Determining when to fix shocks and struts is tough because they wear out over time.” If you take things slowly, you might not notice the bumps along the way.” As you drive your car for a long distance, the suspension gradually deteriorates. It might be years before you consider changing your shocks or struts. It’s useful to understand how and when they function.

The benefit of magnetic suspension controls, as opposed to certain other changeable or active suspension solutions, is that there are relatively few moving components. The advantage of magnetic suspension controllers over other variable or active suspension technologies is that there are fewer moving parts. The sponge is a regular mono tube sponge body having the fluid inside containing iron filings. There are generally two electromagnets in each discharge; one at every end. 

When triggered, the fluid thickens, stiffening the shocks for reduced body roll & faster responsiveness. When the magnetic is turned off, the liquid thins and the vehicle ride becomes more smoother. A computer at the centre controls the electromagnets, reading pace, steering angle, plus many other factors every millisecond to estimate the precise stiffness necessary during travel.

From well-known companies like Bilstein, Duralo, Arnott, and others, we have direct-fit electronic dampers, air springs, innovative kits that replace these systems for greater long-term durability, and much more. We also carry all of the “while you’re there” items, such as brakes, ball joints, and control arm bushings, that need to replaced at the same time. Any of our customer care representatives can assist you with rebuilding all you require to maintain your automobile pleasant and safe for many kilometres to come!

Why Do You Need Them?
Struts & shocks are an important part of your car’s suspension system, they also work really hard in keeping your car securely attached to the highway. Despite the fact that they normally endure a long period, they are also prone to frequently worn components on any automobile. Regrettably, as a vehicle ages and repair costs climb, magnetic shock and strut replacement often takes a back seat, jeopardising vehicle safety or wearing out other components. Let’s look as to what shocks & struts do, why they fail, and the consequences of not repairing and replacing ones.

To begin, magnetic struts & shocks are similar and dissimilar too. They are the same in the way that the strut has an internal shock absorber; however, the strut constitutes the top section of the and is part of the suspension architecture & includes a coil spring. Struts, as you might expect from this description, are more costly to change. The part is more expensive, as is the additional labour. Shocks & struts can be installed on a vehicle’s front or back suspension.

Left shock absorber, right strut Take note of the strut’s extra intricacy. The shock absorber’s aim is to prevent the car springs from oscillating. Without these, your automobile would constantly bounce on hurdles, making your trip exceedingly uncomfortable. The alignment and braking will be significantly hampered.

When the vehicle shocks and struts degrade, you will notice a bumpy ride and a reduction in stopping distance. Probably the most significant reason to repair failed shocks and struts is to prevent future damage. Cupped tire tread degradation is another sign of damaged shocks and struts, and it typically arises when you don’t feel the typical bouncing ride linked with damaged shocks.

Many fine tyres have been damaged, adding to the price of one’s vehicle servicing budget. Prematurely worn front brakes are other victims of worn shocks and struts. This is caused by an excessive shift of vehicle weight to the front wheels while deceleration.

How much are new shocks or struts?

Planning for the magnetic shocks and struts replacement? Check the aftermarket shocks and struts cost here! 

Wrapping It Up

The majority of individuals choose to have their vehicles fixed at a reliable auto body shop. They are less expensive than dealership mechanics, and you may speak directly with the mechanic. Google( A local search) can help you identify a reliable mechanic in your region. To ensure that the technicians are legitimate, ask for references and check internet reviews.

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