Signs of Bad Diesel Particulate Filter with Replacement Cost

Those who drive might have come across the term Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) and are unaware of the purpose it serves in the car. You would hardly pay attention to DPF except when it goes bad. Let’s explore the common signs of a bad Diesel Particulate Filter and learn everything about diesel particulate filter replacement to help the car run smoothly:

Bad Diesel Particulate Filter Symptoms

Illuminating Check Engine Light

 Check Engine Light

The first sign that you will notice in case of a bad diesel particulate filter is an illuminating check engine light. The DPF takes advantage of the sensors that calibrate pressure and temperature. Inappropriate pressure levels will illuminate the check engine light seen on the dashboard. If you suspect an illuminating check engine light, scan the trouble code using a code scanner and take it to the mechanic for a Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement.

Engine Performance Drops Down

A blocked DPF leaves a long-lasting impact on the vehicle’s exhaust system. One cannot eliminate the exhaust from the system as the system needs a backup for it. There is a disadvantage of a backup which means that the engine starts feeling sluggish and weak. The more the gas builds up, the slower the fuel pumps it, thereby reducing your ability to accelerate normally. The engine will put more effort into eliminating extra gas from the system.

Fuel Efficiency Becomes Poor

Fuel Efficiency

An engine that doesn’t work normally will produce more fuel than usual. This is because a blocked filter makes the system inefficient, and more fuel needs to be pumped to complete the task. With this, you will spend more money at the pump, and as the fuel costs escalate, adding extra fuel will impact your budget.

Difficulties While Starting the Car

A blocked DPF creates an exhaust gas built up in the engine. The trapped gas won’t go anywhere and increases the pressure within the car. Cranking over becomes an impossible task in such a case, and the engine won’t start until the pressure is released from the system. It all starts with pressure inside and leads to costly repairs in the future. It would be best to determine the mechanic’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Cost so that the DPF runs smoothly.

Strange Smells

As the exhaust gas accumulates within the system, you will notice a strange odor inside the car. This not only becomes annoying but is also poisonous. Breathing exhaust gases is quite unsafe and are flammable. A thorough inspection accompanied by Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement will resolve the issues quickly.

Turbocharger Damage

Whenever there is a turbocharger blockage, check the turbocharger’s health. In case the gas flow obstructs or slows down, the temperatures will escalate very rapidly. If the issue isn’t resolved quickly, it will increase the temperature of the turbine. Leaving these issues unattended would damage the turbocharger. In case the housing damages leaks take place and its efficiency would dropdown. In addition, the oil within the turbocharger becomes carbonized and becomes dangerous for the motor.

How to Clean Diesel Particulate Filter?


Most professionals implement the thermal cleaning method, also known as the ‘Clean and Blow’ method. Put the DPF in the oven and raise the heat that will oxidize the soot, which in turn will push the ash out of the filter.


This method has been considered an effective way as water takes debris out of the substrate. Once the substrate has been cleaned, it needs to be dried completely. Wait for 2 hours before reinstalling them.

At-Home Cleaners

There are diesel particulate filter cleaners in the market that would cost around $25 per bottle. It helps get rid of soot and ash completely. Read the instructions mentioned on the back of the bottle and add it while the engine is running.

How Much Does DPF Cost?

The Diesel Particulate Filter Cost is between $1000 and $10,000.The costs depend on the grade & brand. Inexpensive filters generally cost between $1000 and $4000.The costs would escalate up to $10,000 for large Freightliner trucks.

The Bottom Line

Replace your diesel particulate filter as it would have a negative impact on the fuel efficiency of the car. Do consider the replacement cost and trust a reliable car parts and accessories store before buying a new one.

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